Actor Yuta Takahata arrested in rape crime

Actor Yuta Takahata (22) was arrested on the 23rd of August in Maebashi, Gunma after allegations were made that he raped a hotel employee earlier that day. Later on, Takahata admitted to the crime, stating “I saw the woman and couldn’t contain my desire.”

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According to reports, Takahata called the front desk of the hotel late on the evening of the 22nd to ask for a toothbrush to be brought to his hotel room. The victim, a woman in her 40s, arrived to the room and was forcibly pulled inside by Takahata. She suffered injuries such as bruising on her feet after having her arms and legs held down by the actor. It was reported that he was seen drinking with staff at a restaurant in the city earlier that evening.

Takahata has been very active on various TV programs recently, including appearances on Guru Guru Ninenty Nine and a role in the drama Aogeba Toutoshi. He was also scheduled to appear in the upcoming 24HOUR TV special drama on the 28th, but due to the recent event has been replaced by Keiichiro Koyama of NEWS. The real estate business ABLE has also deleted their commercial with the actor, which had been previously featured on their home page.

His mother, actress and TV personality Atsuko Takahata (61), had a press conference on the 26th to formally apologize for her son’s actions. She stated that she is still in shock of what is happening, and said through tears that she “can’t find the words to apologize. When I think of what happened, it’s just so awful I can’t even imagine it. I can’t even imagine what I should do either.” Her agency informed that she will give more information once details are available.

Since the event, Takahata’s official blog has been deleted and both his Twitter and Instagram have been set to private.

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