Actor Hiroyuki Sanada joins HBO’s ‘Westworld’

The U.S.-based actor Hiroyuki Sanada (56) will join the second season of the HBO-produced sci-fi drama ‘Westworld’, IMDb posted. There is no details about his character yet but as he has impressive experience with action films and doing stunts, an adrenaline-driven cowboy cyborg is not out of the question.

‘Westworld’ debuted on the streaming service giant HBO a year ago. The show is set in a Wild West theme park where visitors get to experience the mythical west with all its glory, from saloon fights to wanted-dead-or-alive criminals. The skillfully created visuals and moral dilemmas of the script won over the critics and fans alike, becoming one of the most talked about TV shows of the year. The second season will air sometime in the spring next year.

Aside Ken Watanabe, Sanada is one of the few Japanese actors who has found genuine success in Hollywood, to the extent that he is currently residing in the United States. Some of his notable appearances include a recent sci-fi film ‘Life’ (2017), a Sherlock Holmes adaptation ‘Mr. Holmes’ (2015), a WW2 drama ‘The Railway Man’ (2013) and a superhero film ‘Wolverine’ (2013). Sanada is no stranger to small screen either: such shows as ‘Lost’ and ‘The Last Ship’ adorn his curriculum vitae. With a number of sci-fi productions already in his pocket, ‘Westworld’ seems like a natural next step for the hard-working actor.