Miyuki Nakajima to release her latest Studio Album in November

Two years after the release of her previous album, folk singer/songwriter Miyuki Nakajima has announced that she will be releasing a new record on November 22nd.  “Soumon” will be Nakajima’s 42nd studio release and will include both “Bojou”, her summer single from this year, and a self-cover of “Aria -Air-“, a song which she wrote for singer Ayaka Hirahara.

In support of this release, Nakajima will be embarking on an 18-date tour starting on November 26th and concluding early the following year on February 18th.  These shows will be considered part of her special “Yakai” concert series, which has a focus on elaborate stage performances.

Read on below to find both the cover and track list for “Soumon”, as well as a preview of single track and album closer “Bojou.”

-’Soumon’ Track List-

  1. Himitsu no Hanazono
  2. Koharu Biyori
  3. Manhattan Night Line
  4. Jinsei no Shirouto
  5. Idousei Teikiatsu
  6. Tsuki no Yoru ni
  7. Neko Chigura
  8. Aria -Air-
  9. Negai
  10. Bojou

(via natalie)