Top 10 best Japanese singers as chosen by industry professionals

When it comes to figuring out who the best singer is, everyone is bound to disagree. A ranking for the best singer decided by 200 music industry professionals on a recent episode of TBS show “Suiyobi No Downtown” (via LiveDoor) and it seems like the previous statement is true even for experts.

These artists were ranked by by their technical skill as well as the subjective qualities of their voice. There are some familiar faces the international fanbase will know, but probably many artists newer fans have never heard of.

Name Votes
10 Akira Fuse
“His vocal range is great”
“No explanation needed”

“I’ve seen him perform on stage [with EXILE] many times but only noticed him”
“He has overwhelming vocal strength and a great sense of stability”
“I’ve seen him practice while actively moving around the stage without it affecting his vocal ability”

8 Yosui Inoue
“The reverberation of voice penetrates your body”
“His skill transcends the term ‘Japan’s #1 singer'”
“A capella is his best talent”

7 Miho Fukuhara
“She has an amazing sense of beat for a Japanese person and her pitch is accurate”
“Her volume. Her skill as a singer is worldwide.”

6 Hikaru Utada
“She was born with an sad yet amazing type of voice that Japanese people love”
“Her voice travels even without a microphone”
“Her sense of rhythm is extraordinary”
“The melody of her heart takes you places”

5 Miwa Yoshida
“She is able to perform with a lot of energy while keeping stability, volume and pitch”
“Her CDs don’t show off her powerful voice”
“It’s so easy to get lost and cry at her ballads”
“Overall skillful”

4 Rimi Natsukawa
“She has the type of powerful voice that doesn’t need a microphone”
“When you hear her voice it never shakes”
“Beautiful crystal clear voice”

3 Superfly (Ochi Shiho)
“She isn’t someone whose voice goes unnoticed because she’s in a band”
“Her voice is relaxed and deep”
“Her high tones and ability to sing from her core by far surpasses the rest”
“Her volume and range is pleasant”

2 Toshinobu Kubota
“He makes authentic R&B. He has an expert sense of groove”
“He possesses a very un-Japanese sense of rhythm”
“His sound caught the attention of everyone”
“His deep, agile voice has a very expressive quality”
1 Koji Tamaki
“I’m impressed by his extraordinary singing ability
“He has a great sense of rhythm and accuracy but still has a playful voice”
“He has a great view of the world”
“His voice doesn’t need any effects on his CDs”