Oricon ranks celebrities who dominated headlines for the fist half of 2017

Oricon has published a ranking based on how many times a celebrities name appeared in a headline. They chose to conduct the survey using “Yahoo! topics” and “LINE NEWS”, two of Japan’s top online news websites. The articles had to be published from January 1st, 2017 – June 30th 2017.

Some restrictions were implemented by Oricon while doing the count. First, any news related to criminal cases were not counted, as well as deceased celebrities. Athletes were not permitted in this count due to the much higher volume of sports articles in general, reporting real-time results and such. If a celebrity is apart of a group or band that was included in a headline, but not mentioned in the article itself then those do not count either. Lastly, if a celebrities name was mentioned due to them appearing on a TV program, but the actual article itself wasn’t about the celebrity then those did not count either.

With those stipulations out of the way lets get to the ranking! Who do you think made the top 10? Find out below

The number in brackets behind the celebrities name indicates the amount of articles.

1. Fumika Shimizu (226)

  • Retired from the entertainment industry at 22 years old to join a cult
  • Released a tell-all book, which revealed she had an affair with KANA-BOON bassist Yuuma Meshida.
  • Continues to use Twitter and regularly updates her personal blog.

2. Masaki Suda (181)

  • Obtained many high profile drama and film roles
  • Became a radio personality on “All Night Nippon”, and made his singing debut with the single “Mitakotomonai Keshiki”
  • Romantically linked to actress Tsubasa Honda

3. Gen Hoshino (180)

  • Main star of the hit drama series “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu”
  • Announcement of new single “Family Song”, first single since the release of “Koi”¬†
  • Released an essay book titled “Inochi no Shaso kara”
  • Numerous appearances on variety TV shows

4. Masahiro Nakai (166)

  • High number of articles about the disbandment of SMAP
  • After SMAP disbanded he appeared on an episode of “SmaSTATION!!” with Katori Shingo
  • Romantically linked to a dancer/choreographer

5. Kasumi Arimura (159)

  • Main star of the drama series “Hiyokko”
  • Known for her fun Instagram posts. She’s currently among the most followed Japanese female celebrities, with over 1.7 million followers.
  • Announcement of many high profile projects, such as the film “Narratage” where she co-stars with Arashi member Jun Matsumoto.

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