Oricon ranks celebrities who dominated headlines for the fist half of 2017

6. Rino Sashihara (153)


  • Won AKB48’s “Senbatsu Election” for the third time in a row.
  • Continues to be a popular guest and host on variety shows.

7. Takuya Kimura (148)

  • Disbandment of SMAP
  • Appeared at the Cannes Film Festival
  • Main star of the drama series “A LIFE~Kanashiki Hito ~”

8. Hitoshi Matsumoto (146)

  • One half of the famed comedy duo “Downtown”
  • Isn’t afraid to voice his opinion regarding current events on his variety show “Wide na Show”

9. Blouson Chiemi (136)

  • Made her acting debut and continues to be a popular staple on variety TV shows
  • Currently one of the most popular female comedians in Japan
  • Many celebrities have tried to dress up as her on social media and TV shows.

10. Suzu Hirose (135)

  • Appeared in numerous high profile drama series’ and films
  • Large amount of CM deals
  • Has been romantically linked to actor Ryo Narita


(Via Oricon)

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