Kamenashi Kazuya wins PRIME magazine’s most liked Johnnys, no one wins most disliked!

Their reasoning was that they know every Johnny’s talent works hard goes through a lot not only during their training, but even after they make their major debut. One young 15 year old fan stated “I voted for my favorite member, but voting for a member I “hate” would worsen my impression of myself. Everyone is nice!” 

It seems that quite a few fans had a different opinion compared to her however, almost 2000 people voted for NEWS’ leader Keiichiro Koyama. 

Some fans seem to get the impression that he cares more about being a newscaster than being a member of NEWS, and if that’s the case then why is he still in the group? His terrible dancing and singing was also commented on.

Coming in third place is veteran Johnny’s Masahiko Kondo, aka Matchy. One young 19 year old fan commented that she understands that he’s a great Johnny’s senior, but not -that- great. He is pushed down fans throats.

An older 61 old fan shared that his attitude is “no good”, and uses his seniority in the company as a shield. Last year he came in 5th place.

The top 10 for most disliked Johnny’s is as follows (the number in brackets indicates their rank last year)

  1. Nobody (1)
  2. Keiichiro Koyama (3)
  3. Masahiko Kondo (5)
  4. Takuya Kimura (2)
  5. Kei Inoo (4)
  6. Yuya Tegoshi (7)
  7. Jun Matsumoto (6)
  8. Ryosuke Yamada (12)
  9. Junichi Okada (Did not rank)
  10. Sho Sakurai (11)

(jprime 1 and jprime2)

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