Girl band SILENT SIREN has definitely made their mark in the Japanese music scene this year. The girls have released a string of 3 successful singles , as well as a completed an Asian and Japanese concert tour.

To finish off the year SILENT SIREN will be embarking on a North American tour, and release a brand new album titled GIRLS POWER

ARAMA! JAPAN had the opportunity to have a small Q&A with the girls about their polished performance style, upcoming album, and latest single Just Meet. Check it out below the jump!

1. Tell us about your latest single “Just Meet”.
Suu (vocals/guitar): We really wanted to create a song that mixed pop lyrics with a strong, sort of masculine melody. It’s very upbeat and fun to dance to, so it’s a song that gets everyone excited.

2. Both the music video and jacket covers for “Just Meet” are very creative, how did you think of the concept?
Yukarun (keyboard): The MV is about a girl who has a crush on a boy and bakes a cake for him, so the girl makes the cake and expresses her true feelings without holding back. We wanted to create a “kawaii” atmosphere from a girl’s point of view.

3. Do you find there’s a difference in crowd energy, or “aura” between Japanese audiences and overseas audiences?
Hinanchu (drums): The responses overseas are always different, and I’m surprised every time. We could be playing the same song in two different places and get completely opposite reactions! And in America, everyone has such big reactions every time! No matter what the reaction is, we feel a type of unity every time we play for an audience, and we enjoy that so much. We’re happy when everyone forgets about being embarrassed and just makes a lot of noise!

4. Silent Siren has become renowned for their incredible live performances. Was there a strict training regime involved to perfect your instruments, and playing live in general?
Ainyan (bass): We work hard on our individual skills. In the past couple of years, we’ve all sharpened our techniques playing our instruments, and that makes our live performances so much more fun. We try to never forget that we can always be better than we are now.

5. Do you have a ritual you do before a concert or live performance? For good luck or to hype yourselves up.
Yukarun: We always form a group circle. We all hold hands and say “Go! Siren Go!” and that helps with our nerves and gives us the strength to have a great performance.

6. How do you feel about the way your music inspires others? Is there any particular message you wish to convey through your music?
Ainyan: Our main message is “Unity”. We put our live performances before anything else, and our songs are always influenced and arranged based on what it would be like playing them live. If we can really connect with our fans and pass them the energy of our songs, that’s the best moment we strive for. We want to keep creating songs that make people want to come see our shows again and again.

7. Your upcoming studio album “GIRLS POWER” will be released in December. Why did you choose that name, and what can fans expect from the album?
Hinanchu: It’s not a really complicated reason, it just represents the POWER that us GIRLS have. You can definitely find a sweet feminine side and a strong masculine side in this album. I think you can also experience how much we’ve grown and evolved in the five years since we first debuted.

8. Is there a specific genre of music you would be interested in experimenting with?
Suu: We’re always trying to add new things to our music, and with all four of us, there are a lot of fun ideas. Also, it’s not a genre, but we’re pushing ourselves to try to use as much English as we can during our MC talks so we can connect better to the fans who come to see us. I think that’s what’s on our minds the most, making each performance even more awesome!

Tickets for SILENT SIREN’s show in Hollywood can be purchased here, while tickets for their show in San Francisco can be found here. GIRLS POWER will be released on December 27th, 2017.