Yamazaki Kento and Hirose Alice to star in the live-action adaptation of “Hyouka”

The movie producers’ favorite, Yamazaki Kento (22) and actress Hirose Alice (21) will be starring in the adaptation movie of the Japanese mystery novel, “Hyouka”.  This has been written by Yonezawa Honobu selling 2.5 million copies in total. This has also been adapted into an anime series under Kyoto Animation from April to September 2012. It consists 22 episodes.

The plot revolves around the protagonist, Oreki Hotaro (Yamazaki), who joined the Classic Literature Club at his sister’s request. Unknowingly, a 45-year-old mystery surrounds the club room. He needs to find the truth about it. Chitanda Eru (Hirose) is an energetic girl who joins the club. Despite of her academic abilities, she relies on Oreki’s reasoning abilities in order to solve the mysterious club that they have joined.

Yamazaki, who will be playing the  lead, comments: “The character from the story itself has a trait of being mysterious. Therefore, I would like to enjoy playing the role of Oreki. I would like to be careful in playing his role through my emotions and movement that I will convey.”

Hirose says: “It’s been a long time since I have worn a school uniform so I am really excited! Since the manga and anime has a huge impact to the audience. I have been asking the director for an advice about my character in order to portray her really well.”

This has been her third time to co-star with the popular actor. She mentions, “In a good sense, I do feel nervous. I think we will be able to portray our roles well since we have been together in other projects previously.” 

The movie is set to be shown next year. Other casts who will be joining them are yet to be announced.

Source: Oricon

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    • aishiteryuu

      What’s next? Naruto LA with Kento as Naruto?

    • jennifu


      • RiriRaRin

        Let me join let me join

        Next upcoming project: Yamazaki Kento as Satoshi

    • zaki

      How many movies this guy is releasing next year?
      Not complaining. Zakiyama is adorable and a capable actor but damn boy, learn to say no. I hope he won’t burn out.

    • MINO-SSI

      kento…. i wonder if even he gets tired seeing his own face

      • Mahdyah Rosita

        I think so😅😅

        • MINO-SSI

          you’re a fan of HSJ! u have tumblr or LJ account?

          • Mahdyah Rosita

            😄😅I don’t 😅 just post about them occasionally.
            You like HSJ too?

      • Fuyuko

        I get tired just seeing his name… though I don’t mind his face!

      • Lol no one can beat Suda this year I mean look at the number of his projects this year. 9 movies, 2 dramas, 1 extra + commercials

    • mo

      don’t get this potato face’s appeal. we complained about fukushi but at least he was pretty.

    • Haruka Hiroto

      I bet next live action lead role of Yamazaki Kento is Boku no Pico!
      Just kidding he’s all over the new film & dorama live action!

    • Satowwwshi

      Oh my lord here we go again with yamaken’s 37589373957th live adaptation film. Thank God he’s pretty and acts decently. But man let the boy rest and let others shine i guess

    • nonnonanon

      Next upcoming project : Yamazaki Kento casted as Luffy.

      • Rukawa

        Next upcoming project : Yamazaki Kento casted as Sakuragi Hanamichi.

        • nonnonanon


          Next upcoming project : Yamazaki Kento casted as Naruto.

          • CaptainSexy

            Lol I wanna join in too.

            Next upcoming project : Yamazaki Kento casted as Levi.

            Oh shit. That would be the worst tho’….

            • Rukawa

              Let us continue with this list.

              Next upcoming project : Yamazaki Kento casted as Inuyasha.

              • zaki

                Yamazik Kento as Gon (HxH)

                • trololol

                  Yamazaki kento as yugi mutou…

                  • TruthSpeaker

                    Yamazaki Kento as Spiderman..

                • me

                  yamaken as vegeta

            • Hanazawa

              Yamazaki Kento as Ultraman

            • Dump

              Yamaken as donald trump

              • REMISU

                LOL. The shade that would be thrown at America 😂😂😂

              • Make Nippon Eiga Great Again

          • LadyUchiha

            Next upcoming project: Yamazaki Kento cast as Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul 2020

            But I actually loved his character in kyou, koi wo hajimemasu

        • Historia Lenz

          Yamazaki Kento as Godzilla…

        • no15190408

          Yamazaki Kento as Sailormoon.

      • bailey darbii

        next upcoming project: Yamasaki kento casted as domyoji tsukasa in an unnecessary Hana yori dango remake

        • faifantc

          Real talk: That may very well actually happen. lol.

        • RiriRaRin

          Now, how many Itazura na Kiss adaptations are out there?

      • RiriRaRin

        Let me join let me join
        Next upcoming project: Yamazaki Kento casted as Satoshi in Pokemon: The World

    • レン

      I’m the same everytime i read “Yamazaki Kento” or “Suda Masaki” in every new movie/dorama/live action news: “Have they any time to REST??”. But i love both! – especially Suda’s acting, he makes me wanna watch every release he has, DAMN YOU BOY! – and i loved “Hyouka” too when i watched it! – i’m still waiting for a second season tho *sobs* I’ll probably have to go read the manga instead – so this is good news for me. Hoping it turns out well, i’m trusting you Yamaken!

      • God bless us fans supporting these two. Tbh, they’re still not at their limit. They’re still young and can improve even more.

      • RiriRaRin

        Call me biased but Suda has way more variety with his roles. Sure he’s still often typecasted, gotta admit that. But he acts much, much better than those in his generation.

    • An_dromeda

      i dont have to check the lead role anymore when its live adaptation :D

    • erruhurr

      Actually, I prefer to watch his act in drama rather than in a movie but youth-romance drama has become a rare thing in the last few years and I don’t think his agency would nod to change his image atm.
      Hope he won’t break down working too many movies in process.

    • Thomas

      Shhhhh he’s still a much better actor than Fukushi Sota and also more handsome imo!

    • Lady Sara

      My bad ^^”
      When I see Yamazaki & Hirose names, I was complaining like “this boy & that girl again?”
      Then I realized it was Hirose Alice not suzu XD

    • pandaa2016

      Forever pigeonholed, this guy. I think its clear this is as far as his acting goes. He can’t do anything else but shoujo. He should try taking more risks if he wants to improve and have versatility. All he has are his looks and he’s being shoved in every remake. At this rate he’s just gonna be some kind of joke. Or maybe he already is lol.

      • shonen

        Jojo and Death Note are shounen.

    • krismebaek

      initial reaction: YamaKen again!
      but you know, the good version like “OOOOOOH YASSSS YAMAKEN AGAIN~!!” This guy is good for my kokoro so yep, I’m all in! ( ̄︶ ̄)

    • Arron Hayre

      Im guessing Yamazaki hasn’t had a day off, in the past 2 years!!! .. I mean his acting is okay, but there are so many talented actors who could do the roles he does, and tbh do we need Sota Fukushi anymore, i mean Taishi Nakagawa looks like his twin and acts way better than him, lets just replace him lol.

    • TruthSpeaker

      YamaKen will keeping switching between the Hirose sisters. In between, if audience get bored then he can be cast opposite Kiritani Mirei or Tsuchiya Tao lol…

      In September itself,it was announced that he and Suzu Hirose will Star in Live-Action Your Lie in April Film. And,now her sister’s turn.

      Just by knowing that YamaKen is cast in another live adaption itself bores me,though i have watched only two movies of his.

    • goingtojpn

      In this pic above, Alice looks a mix of Suzu and Tao… which makes sense since Yamaken only acts with these two girls

      • zaki

        He also has acted with Mirei Kiritani (twice), Haruna Yamaguchi, Gouriki and more

      • yukata74

        well suzu is her sister, no wonder. and it makes me remember that she ever acted with tao in the drama, yamaken also one of the cast too

    • ANON

      has japan gone crazy or have they realized just how much influence animanga is having on the world in this era? is it just me or are they doing adaptations of EVERYTHING?? from tg to donten to saiki (yamaken got casted for saiki you ppl, it’s not shoujo he’s pigeonholed himself into but *anime adaptations* since he’s like a 3d manga guy).

      • Marke

        Look at Hollywood and superhero films or all those trilogies and remakes

    • atralail

      me: thank god 2016 is ending so we’re done hearing announcements of yamazaki ken–
      yamazaki kento: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1584cacac49ce53825d82aa78dd59cc0ac02a3d283713d53d6a1e412890172e1.gif

    • Nikki ok

      oh look an adaption with the same faces, how very refreshing

    • Personally, I don’t mind him being in 1000 adaptions of everything but does he ever have time to rest?!

    • Hyouka’s four main characters are high school freshmen, right? Yamaken and the older Hirose are simply too old for the given roles. At least the chance shall be given to younger talents (those born in 1998-2001). I can think of many permutations of such up-and-coming, talented four teen actors and actresses that deserve it.

    • Historia Lenz

      Is he the only actor in Japan? Come on…

    • precious

      sasuga! Another LA for Kento , Goodluck! About your bashers???? domai domai!!! Yeah! There`s no business like “ShowbizNESS” I know!!!.

    • eplizo

      He’s in everything lol.