Sakurai Sho, Kamenashi Kazuya & Koyama Keiichiro are this year’s “24-HR TV” main personalities

Arashi’s Sakurai Sho, KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya and NEWS Koyama Keiichiro will be the main personalities for NTV’s annual “24hr Television” program. This was announced at the end of Arashi ni Shiyagare’s 3-hr SP this Saturday.

The three of them are program casters at NTV – Sakurai (NEWS ZERO), Kamenashi (Going! Sports & News), and Koyama (news every). Each of them has previously served as MC for the program with their groups, but this is the first time members of different groups were selected to host the charity program.

The theme of the program is “confession” and will broadcast on August 26 and 27. The program started from 1978 and will be running its 40th broadcast this year. More information about the program, such as the female personality, marathon runner and 24hr tv drama lead, will be announced later on.

(via Oricon, Nikkansports)

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    • yacchaitai

      i was wondering why kat-tun was trending

      • tatakai

        must be because of the rumors (KAT-TUN will be this year’s 24 hr tv personalities) that turned out to be bogus

      • miecha

        There were 3 silhouettes/figures shown before the final announcement, and their fans were assuming KAT-TUN to make a comeback in 24hrtv. Unfortunately it’s not. So, they were complaining for the show’s insensitivity.

        • 3nin

          So everyone needs to be sensitive to kattun’s fans feelings?
          The colour of the lights and silhouette didn’t match kattun. The fans were too eager.

          • ムラ

            Not that everyone has to think of KAT-TUN’s fans in every situation lol, but in this case u gotta to be really dense to not think of KAT-TUN. The only 3 member group in JE is KAT-TUN, so if you make an announcement that it will be 3 persons, of course ppl will link it to KAT-TUN. It’s true the silhouettes didn’t match but seriously the ppl behind this idea has got to have screws loose if they didn’t think of the possibility at all that some fans might mistake them for KAT-TUN. Of course they would be blamed for insensitivity.

            That said, I still really like the idea of Sho, Kame and Koyama together. I think they all have got the most appropriate attitudes to host 24hrTV.

            • guest

              Nah, they’ve made it like that on purpose so it’d get people to talk about it. They knew exactly what they were doing, lol.

              • 3nin

                its still a talking point when they never did anything like it. I actually predicted this last year knowing that all 3 johnny’s are ntv’s newscasters.

            • 3nin

              they don’t need to be sensitive of kattun fans feelings.

              • Guest

                Since a lot of kame fans are also kattun fans why shouldn’t they be sensitive of their feelings if they count on them watching the show?

                • 3nin

                  Because it’s up to kat-tun and their management to leave them in hiatus. Maybe they had offered to kattun first due to the strong rumors before. It just so happens there are 3 Johnny’s newscasters working with their station and Kame is one of them.

                  It’s an excellent stunt that only lasted less than an hour. Why be so upset about it? The station is helping. At least it’s a strong confirmation kat-tun comeback is highly anticipated. All the members are actively promoting kattun even in their hiatus.

              • ムラ

                It’s a matter of courtesy. Maybe you feel they don’t need such manners but others would think otherwise.

    • light

      Sho looks so tired and pissed in that pic lol

    • Wan Yuan Ong

      So excited :-)))

    • TruthSpeaker

      Excited!! Nice to see these three together :)

    • Guest

      At first I thought KAT-TUN comeback or well maybe Kame and Yamapi idk the third person maybe Matsujun lol, but kinda impossible because Yamapi have drama next season. A bit suprised it turn the trio caster? who’s in charge of singing then?maybe Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN together?it will be perfect.

    • kazumi

      At first, I was wondering too why KAT-TUN was trending, maybe they would come back but it was not.
      Congrats for Sho, Kame and Koyama!! Next questions, (1) who will sing the theme? One of them or the 3 make special unit? (2) who will act in 24hr drama? Kame or Sho or others? I don’t think it will be Koyama because he doesn’t act that much (sorry)

    • Wow, I think I like it. And also a pretty smart move?

    • annie

      i’m dead @ that last shot lmao why does koyama look so awkward

      • Reileen

        the intro video is too dramatic lol

      • mte about Koyama XD

    • miki

      lame. i would’ve rather seen kat-tun instead of these boring ass three.

      i’d hope it flops but this is a charity program lmao.

      • guest

        KAT-TUN wouldn’t bring in the ratings though. Sho alone has way more fans than Nakamaru & Ueda together.

        • Hatori Sachiyo

          Agree. You have no idea how popular sho is.

          • 3nin

            I would agree but it’s not a guarantee.
            Sho’s new year drama SP was a flop.

          • miki

            i never said he’s not popular jfc arashi fans are sensitive. i said they’re BORING.

        • Guest

          Considering they trended worldwide maybe they would. Having Sho wouldn’t be a guarantee too since the three make such an unlikely pair.

    • tots

      They have the same hairstyle in a way lol

    • yamakita

      Great combi!

    • Kameneko223

      Wow this is great! These 3 proved themselves already in terms of MC works. I’m so happy for Kame that jobs are pouring to him. It’s just that he is sleep deprived these past few weeks and i worry for his health