New “Blade of the Immortal” trailer previews action scenes and MIYAVI’s theme song

A new trailer and visual is out for the live-action film of Samura Hiroaki’s “neo period drama” Mugen no Junin (Blade of the Immortal). Kimura Takuya stars as Manji, a ronin warrior cursed with an immortal body. Film opens April 29.

The previous trailer previews the climactic scene with Manji and Rin (Sugisaki Hana) surrounded by 300 enemies. He asks her, “Rin, who should I cut down?” Rin replies, “Anyone who tries to cut me down.”

The latest trailer introduces the cast, previews action scenes and the film’s theme song “Live to Die Another Day ~Sonzai Shōmei~” (Live to Die Another Day ~Proof of Existence~) by guitarist Miyavi. Director Takashi Miike wanted the song to portray Manji’s struggle, and the theme of “Are you truly alive?”

Miyavi previously composed the songs “Top of the World” and “Otherside” for SMAP, and he played the guitar with SMAP during their NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen performance of “Top of the World” in 2014.

mugen no junin

(via ANN)

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    • Rin

      Kimutaku looks so badassssss!

      • Everyone looks badass, except Sota.

    • pondloso

      just little 2 scene Sota can turn me off with his acting…

      • Historia Lenz

        I am sore afraid that Sota would ruin it. To think that Kagehisa is the main villain here. Kimutaku, though. He nailed playing Manji. :)

    • TruthSpeaker

      Fukushi Sota increasingly convinces me why he is labelled CARDBOARD. His lack of acting abilities and flat dialogue delivery is a bummer to the otherwise terrific cast.

      • kamben is here

        I consider myself to be pretty ‘tolerant’ when it comes to acting skills but I JUST CAN’T WITH SOTA -.-”

        Gosh his lack of acting abilities kinda piss me off because he’s everywhere. It’s okay if he’s not in my face so much LOL

    • skias onar

      Fukushi Sota as Anotsu just makes me sad…

    • buta_neko

      Even a tree can act better than Fukushi Sota. Man, why didn’t they cast Ryunosuke Kamiki or Nakagawa Taishi instead?

      • kamben is here

        Yes, especially Kamiki *_______*

    • shinju

      fukushi sota …
      PLEASE DON’t give him any more roles
      his acting is not act at all ! -.-