Is Hinata the Heroine in “The Last: Naruto The Movie”?

Is it Sakura or Hinata for Naruto in the end? It has been argued by fans for many years and the recently released cover for The Last: Naruto the Movie soundtrack raises more questions regarding the romantic fate of Naruto. The cover shows Hinata Hyuga and Naruto Uzumaki together, which may be hinting of the feature of the movie. On the other hand, it may also just be a buzzmaker for the release. Regardless, the cover art also marks the first appearance of Hinata’s full-body character design for the film.

The OST will be released on December 3. The theme song, “Hoshi no Utsuwa”(Star Vessel) is described to have a gentle, yet powerful outlook of the world which conveys friendship and the bonds between people in a medium-tempo number. The song will be performed by the duo Sukima Switch, who at the same time will also be voice-acting ninja characters in the movie.

With a movie tagline of “The Last Story, The First Love”, the movie will surely give fans a lot to look forward when it opens on December 6. The manga is also slated to end in the next few weeks.


(via Cinematoday, ANN)

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    • meloindex

      just give naruto to hinata. she deserves him!

    • MangoMagic

      Although I came to dislike all the females in the Narutoverse (back when I still kept up with the anime/manga) including Hinata, I feel like her and Naruto should end up together. There’s really no one else for either of them as sad as that sounds.

      • chu

        Sasuke and Naruto forever…>.<

        • MangoMagic

          The SasuNaru relationship is a toxic one built on jealous, violence and a bunch of much needed therapy sessions. It’s not cute in the slightest. Naruto can get with whoever he wants but wanting him to be with the person who shoved a fist through his chest is a little much so I’m going to have to pass.

    • Zoe

      A summary for the movie has been released. Hanabi gets kidnapped, so Hinata is one of the members of the rescue party.

    • Gabrielle Willis

      Whaddup with the scarf?

      • Jo

        AW14 collection

    • Sonia

      Hmm… something tells me it’s partly fan service. Though I haven’t kept up w Naruto for many months now (just the anime), I still would like to see this. Provided that the storyline is good, and how Naruto answers her feelings in a readonable way, not just to appease the fans.

    • PunkyPrincess92

      T_T what happened to Naruto’s hair??

      • MangoMagic

        Kishimoto happened. They should’ve had him grow it out. With a dad as hot as the Flash you’d think Naruto would look half as good…

        • PunkyPrincess92

          I just want his hair as it usually would! He’s adorable!!

        • yanderenightmares

          Nah, I actually like the hair cut. Long hair on guys is overrated.
          But yes, he does have a very hot dad.

    • Paris Cutting

      godamn it I hate hishair so much they should of kept it the same :< why kishi!!!

    • yanderenightmares

      I don’t even care what the plot is, just want to watch this movie.

    • Ern Laties

      NaruHina for me! <3

    • ferya

      YES PLEASE!! they need to get married already !

    • Don DGDCrimsonOne

      Hinata is truly the one she deserves with Naruto and she’s a hope for Naruto because if she didn’t sided with Naruto during the 4th war. I wanna thanks Hinata for being there for Naruto and she should be a main heroine in the movie.^^

    • SidneyMarek

      After this movie is aired on december 6th, does that mean Naruto is over forever? Is Naruto shippuden still going to release more episodes?

      • Shakeel Kimmins

        Though the saga as it focuses on Naruto is over, the series is getting a Part 3. Naruto Shippuden will stay on until it reaches the end of the manga and then may extend beyond that.