EXILE’s Takanori Iwata & Hana Sugisaki cast in “Perfect World” Live-Action Film

The July issue of Kodansha’s Kiss magazine has revealed that filming for a live-action film based on the manga series “Perfect World” by Rie Aruga began on June 2.

The manga “Perfect World” is of the josei genre, where the romance is more realistic and less idealized, and explores themes of first love and disabilities.

The story follows Tsugumi Kawana, played by Hana Sugisaki, who works at an interior design company. At a get-together, she happens to reunite with her first love Itsuki Ayukawa, played by Sandaime J Soul Brothers and EXILE‘s Takanori Iwata, from her high school days. Tsugumi still thinks of her time with Itsuki fondly, but finds that he is bound to his wheelchair after an accident and initially thinks that reviving a romance with him would be impossible.

Takanori Iwata commented:

It is the first time for me to play a manga character, as well as a disabled character. It is a complicated story about sharing a life with your loved one who has physical disabilities. To get close to the character, I will learn my part by heart and present a remarkable performance.

Aruga launched the manga in Kiss magazine in February 2015 and Kodansha published the manga’s fifth compiled book volume on March 13 of this year. It is still ongoing.

The film “Perfect World” is planned for released nationwide across Japan in 2018.

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    • S

      I’m disappointed that they cast Iwata as the lead, I don’t like that guy… The manga itself has a nice plot, but recent chapters were disappointing so I wonder how the story ends (the manga is still ongoing).

    • Hm

      This girl got the Japanese academy award 3 months ago and is extremely talented, she’s too good for this and to star with this fake dude.

      • No iwata only started acting about 3years ago and he is a good actor. give him a chance.

    • hizurisama

      not feeling the male lead but ok

      • this unnie is weird

        go fuk yourself

    • Ayçe 🖤💛
    • monica_monami

      Is he any good as an actor? Curious

      • annie

        nah lol

        • really, i disagree with you…

      • this unnie is weird

        oscar worthy amazing

      • Jiya

        Not really but his fellow groupmate from JSB is good. The one who dated Rola. He won academy awards for newcomer 2 years back.

        • monica_monami

          i see~

    • Karen Khoo

      Main guy on wheelchair… Reminds me of Kimi ni Sasagu Emblem but damnn Sho Sakurai is such a brilliant actor… Idk about Takanori Iwata though. Never watch his dramas.

    • 🆗🆒

      the lead actor…hurmmm!!! 🤔
      but too early to say anything..

    • Anita