Mei Nagano announced as lead of NHK’s 98th Asadora “Hanbun, Aoi”

It has been announced at a press conference held today at the NHK Hall in Shibuya that actress Mei Nagano has been cast in NHK’s upcoming 98th morning drama “Hanbun, Aoi”.

Mantan Web reports Nagano went through audition involving 2,366 participants and was eventually selected to play main character Suzume Nireno for the upcoming drama.

The story of “Hanbun, Aoi” follows Suzume Nireno (Nagano) who lost her hearing in one ear in elementary school. Following her graduation from high school, she attempts to follow her aspirations to become a mangka for girls’ manga and moves to Tokyo. Unsuccessful with her career path, she puts her dreams aside to get married and have a child. She later faces an unexpected turning point in her life following financial hardship and a divorce that forces her to return to her hometown in the Tono region of Gifu Prefecture with her daughter.

Nagano commented:

I heard that I passed the audition yesterday evening. I’ve been processing it for a day now and I still have no idea how to feel. Even taking pictures here today it still hasn’t hit me. It’s coming to me little by little and all I can say is I’m happy.

The early morning drama series “Hanbun, Aoi” is schedule to run for 156 episodes from April 2, 2018 through September 29, 2018.

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    • Bubi.

      she is sooo cute but i sure as hell don’t have time for 156 episodes

      • Julie Xiong

        Actually asadora’s are not that bad. They may be 156 episodes long but the length of the episode is about 15 minutes each. It’s such a quick watch that you wish there were more after you finished.

        • asa

          That’s why I always watch it when it nearly ends. Watching a 15 minutes drama makes me curious to know what will happen next, I do rather make sure to have all episode so I don’t have to be curious、hahaha

        • Bubi.

          Good point!

    • kashiyuka

      I had no idea she’s so young (17)
      I’ve seen her in some movies and shows and thought she’s super adorable

    • vragile

      She’s so cute and lovable on screen. She always gave me Rena Nounen vibes, so I can see why they casted her for the asadora