s/mileage is now “ANGERME”

It has been revealed that Hello! Project group s/mileage will continue group activities as ANGERME from now on. Back in September the name change was decided after a third generation of girls were added to the group. S/mileage originally debuted as a 4 piece group in June 2009 with “aManojaku”, the following year their major debut single “Yumemiru 15” was released. Ayaka Wada and Kanon Fukuda are the sole remaining original members.

The new name was apparently thought up by member Kana Nakanishi. ANGERME is supposed to be the french pronunciation of “angel” and “tears”. Kana explained that the members of the group (angels) must work together in-order to achieve their goals, and once those goals are met they’ll be overcome with joy and cry. The angel evokes an image of hope, and the tears represent happiness.

ANGERME will be releasing their debut single on “Taiki Bansei/Otome no Gyakushuu” on February 4th. Unlike all of s/mileage’s previous singles, Tsunku will not be having any involvement with the production or lyrics.

ANGERME’s new official profile pictures can be seen below!

(via JPLOP)

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    • faifantc

      They sound like some sort of hardcore rock group. They should change that “r” to an “l” immediately. lol. Did no english speaker tell them how weird it looked in romanji?

      • Mr Waffle

        The fact they have an English Twitter account makes it even more hilarious since apparently they DO have an English speaker on board!

    • Babi Hong

      the new members are soo cute!! my fave is mizuki.

      is rikako mixed o.O? very pretty

      • Bad Kid

        iirc she has filipino in her

      • faifantc

        She’s half. Her mother is Filipina.

    • Aki

      Hahaha Am I the only one who thinks that the new name explanation sounds like utter bs, and like something else that doesn’t fit their image AT ALL?

      • Shiroi

        This is H!P we’re talking about, this is in no way BS lol

      • Vivaldi

        An idol outfit releasing a BS press release? No way!

    • sumomona

      straight up sounds like an intense jrock band name this is hilarious

    • The tear in the logo is pretty lame.

    • Nozomi

      I was going to be like, “Oh what a shit name, sounds like Anger Me,” and then I read “Tsunku will have no involvement in the production,” and now I’m doing a happy dance. :DDDDD

      • Yarg

        yeah, awful name but no Tsunku means they might actually get some decent songs!

      • Juice=Juice Updates

        y’all need to learn to read it says tsunku isn’t gonna be involved in THIS single

    • Bad Kid

      i’m crying @ the description

      90% of idol group names don’t make sense anyway so..

    • wth

      Sorry girls, but your name reminds me more of germs than angels

      • light

        It was my first thought as well

    • omg I facepalmed so much with the new name. Everyone will definitely think “anger me” omg why. The explanation is really stupid. I like most members so I’ll see what they are up to but I’m surprised at this shitty name tbh

    • l3012

      It does sound and look like a indie visual kei band name (even the explanation lol); but well, queen Kanon is here….and Tsunku not getting involved might help a lot.

    • Alex

      it’s supposed to be pronounced as “an-zherme” (zh like s in measure) but it sounds ridiculous even with the French pronunciation

      • Hasuko

        lol i’m french and the name’s explanation is pure bs
        larme = tears & ange = angel so i guess angerme is mix between ange+the end of larme but when you prononciate the name it ABSOLUTELY NOT reminds of ange or larme. The name sounds more like “germe” (=germ in french), and phonetically Angerme sounds exactly like “en germe” which means when something has growing germs OMG lol

        • Guest

          lmao, please tweet this to the girls or Tsunku!

    • Beyonse

      ANGERME????? wtf even juice=juice is better

      • Juice=Juice Updates

        juice=juice is a completely artistic name with a deep hidden meaning not visible to mundane eyes! one day you will come to comprehend it

    • Nekozuki’14

      They finally add good looking girls and have a glimmer of hope of rising out of their shitty livehouse tours and selling like crap, then they get this ridiculous name. 2ch is even making fun of how ridiculous it is.

    • guest

      If this isn’t proof that Tsunku’s cancer has finally made its way to the brain…
      By the way, a turd with another name is still a turd and H!P has notoriously the same rejuvenation proprieties of a 80 years old man. Just decree the whole thing OWAKON and let’s get done with this already.

    • Bloodforge

      I can’t not read it as “anger me”. They should go metal with that name.

    • Taima-kun

      So trivial and lame smh

    • cycloace

      I presume the pronunciation would be “Anjerumii” or something similar…

    • unpleasant

      fuck you nakanishi kana

    • Wyvern

      My 1st thought when I saw the title was, “HUH? You want us to make you angry?” then I read the descriptions and the comment and I was like “Ooooookay.” Yeah. That would means, “LAME.” in my dictionary ^^;