Rev. from DVL to disband in March

Dance and vocal group Rev. from DVL announced their disbandment on their official website on Monday, February 6.  The announcement also stated that their activities will end on March 31, 2017.  The members of the group wishes to pursue other routes in their life, including: finding employment, continuing school, or simply walking down a different path.  All of the members discussed their individual futures with their staff and concluded that disbandment was the best option in order to allow the members begin a new chapter in their lives.

The group was formed in 2003, originating from Hakata ward in Fukuoka city and were originally named DVL.  They later changed their name in 2011 to the current name, Rev. from DVL.  You may know them as the group with Kanna Hashimoto, the girl referred to as the “once in a millennium” idol.  Due to a picture (see below) that was taken of Hashimoto in 2013 that later went viral on the internet, she and the group experienced a massive boost in popularity for a local, indie idol group.  In April of 2014, they went on to making their major debut with the single “LOVE-arigatou-“.

The group will have a final pair of concerts on March 29 in Tokyo and March 31 in Fukuoka. The group will announce details on its final best-of album at a later date.

Other members of the group includes Akiyama MihoShinomiya Nagisa,Washio Miki, Imai Hitomi, Kouya Honami, Nishioka Yuna, Hashimoto Yukina, Chikaraishi Nanami, Fujimoto Reina, Takahashi Nanami , Furusawa Saki, and Motono Kyouka

Although the plans of all the members are not yet confirmed, you can look forward to some of Kanna Hashimoto’s future projects such as the Gintama live action movie.


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    • Ben
    • rshina

      I only know hashimoto kanna, and I don’t even know any of their song…

    • guest

      Not really surprising.

      I like their Vampire song, but that one girl’s silver pants are distracting. Is she the leader or something? Everyone else is dressed in black & red, and then there’s her, dancing not even in the centre…

      • hasawa

        lol the way Kanna is deliberately put forward is ridiculous
        Rev.fromDVL? more like Hashimoto Kanna feat. Rev from DVL lol

    • Katie

      I feel bad for the other group members, Rev. from DVL only focuses on Hashimoto Kanna.

    • l

      now they wont have to drag kanna down.

    • hasawa

      How can ppl can define someone as a “once in a millenium idol” if
      1/ this asusmption is solely based on a ridiculously photegenic photo?
      2/ people barely know who they are?

      • guest

        Wasn’t at first the “once in a millenium” thing about her photo being a miraculous shot? Or am I making things up?

        • hasawa

          Yes it is, hence i’m asking why this statement is based “solely on being ridculously photogenic”

    • BabyPanda

      Disbanding right on the last day of the financial year

    • faifantc

      Considering the fact that Kanna was the only reason why they a) made their major debut and b) stayed active for so long, we all saw this coming.

    • kamben is here

      Okay, I know who Kanna is, but this is the first time I know that she’s in an idol group LOL