Peco and Ryucheru are expecting a baby!

Talent couple Peco and Ryucheru have revealed that they are currently expecting a baby!

Peco shared the exciting news herself on her official twitter account. She’s five months pregnant and is scheduled to give birth sometime in July. She shared that she’s still so amazed every time she goes to have a medical examination, and see’s the heartbeat of the baby or receives new ultrasound photos.

The couple has decided so far to keep the gender of the baby a surprise, and will be very happy to meet their healthy baby whatever it’s gender turns out to be. In past interviews the two have mentioned that if they ever had a baby girl they really like the name “Mona”, and “Link” if it’s a boy.

Peco and Ryucheru originally met in 2014 while working at a clothing shop together. Within a month they began to date each other, and after only after 6 months they moved in together. The duo quickly garnered a large following on social media largely due to their bright and quirky fashion sense, which eventually lead to their nationwide stardom as talents.



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    • They look so happy. Congrats🎉🎉🎉Get ready for an awesome journey!

    • Satowwwshi

      Ahhh I’m so happy for these two! <3 Congratulations!

    • *gasp* So happy for them~! Congrats!!! <3

    • Kiki

      Link? Really? The baby is not going to be a video game character.

      • aoivsc

        Probably inspired by Link Larkin from Hairspray

    • 1% of me still think that their marriage is a publicity stunt LOL
      jokes aside, congrats for the happy couple

      • yamakita

        This is a joke though…!

        • hasawa
          • hasawa

            Also is anyone gonna talk about the fact he did a “RIP” post about “Mr. 50.000 kiddie porn pics” pedophile Mark Sailling??!

            Like, WHAT THE HELL???

            • light

              Maybe he doesn’t know? I honestly had no idea who he was when i read the news, and between the comments of fans of the show many didn’t seem to know what he was charged about.

              • hasawa

                Nah. I seen some Japanese comments about the 50,000 kiddie porn pics
                If he heard of that lousy ass actor being dead, he definitely heard about WHY he did that. There is Internet in Japan. This is not some lost in time & space 4th parallel world.

                • light

                  Yeah you right. I’ve seen people being totally clueless about way more famous people despite all the news, that’s why it wouldn’t surprise me.

            • Ugh. Please no.
              I didn’t know about this dude either till now.

              • hasawa

                Not knowing is not the issue – knowing YET still defending the undefendable is.

                • I understand what you’re saying, I’m with you.
                  I watch my philip defranco show so if I didn’t know anything, I know now he was garbage. I honestly don’t know what to say about Ryu’s post…..I’m disappointed to say the least. And I guess people wanna give him the benefit of the doubt but you’re right.

          • oh my lort, he looks so tacky here

    • Encha277

      I wonder who the father is? Because there is no way that that boy is going anywhere near a vagina…

      • hasawa

        Ryucheru seems to be a really sweet guy so I have no issue picturing him taking care of a child, but yeah, picturing them “conceiving” the baby comes off pretty weird to me. I hardly see anything “manly” about him.

        • Yo! That’s Ryucheru?! What kind of Jekyll/Hyde Tom Foolery is this?

        • Encha277

          I had no idea, but those mannerisms? If he is straight, then he is damn good actor…

          • hasawa

            The more I think about it, the more I relate his stage act to those of these Japanese actors playing female roles in theaters. Kabuki 2.0 Millennial version.

          • lol

            Look at his wife’s blog and the pictures she posted. He looks normal most of the times and he seemed to like to grow his mustache in private.

            hasawa’s Kabuki actors reference make a lot of sense to describe his on screen persona.

        • Awilda

          This is such ignorance. Being straight has nothing to do with mannerism or appearance,it’s just about sexual attraction to a specific sex or gender.

          • hasawa

            Yes and no. Attraction isn’t solely based on genitals.
            I’m straight af and I wouldn’t date a man who’s girlier than I am. So do a LOT of girls. How many girls say they want “a real man!”..? I know this is not ‘pc’ but this is how it goes.

        • anaiiisa

          In this picture he’s low key hot, tbh

    • light


    • circe154

      I knew they were going to give it a dumb American sounding name.

      • hasawa

        I wonder what’s gonna happen in 10 years from now once they grow out of their quirky colorful Mickey Mouse club childadults phase…

        • PigeonPop

          Mona is relatively decent. It can easily be adapted into readable ateji like 萌奈 or in katakana form; considering the historical prevalence of two-syllable katakana names for women (e.g., Miné, Tomi) it’s not that bad. Link on the other hand is an unfortunate choice no matter how it gets written.

          • hasawa

            Yeah I was only talking about Link – Mona is a pretty cute name imo.

      • Awilda

        Mona is actually an old school French name. I had a teacher named like that if I remember right ,been ages.(I’m from Belgium). Also a cartoon character was also named like that. Link is from the video game Zelda :p

        • circe154

          Someone up thread mentioned that Link is a character from Hairspray, which is one of her favorite movies. It also used to be a fairly common name for men in the US (short for Lincoln).
          Mona probably comes from one of those teen dramas she’s always posting about.

    • He’s probably going to pull a Chris Crocker and drop the gaudy clothes and end up super masc. Calling it now

      • hasawa

        READY FOR IT

      • ngl i highkey want to see this LOl

      • nero laika

        He’s halfway there, he hasn’t done his original look since before the wedding.

    • Hamizah Sones

      Congrats to the cute couple~ I’m sure the baby will be very cute too haha ^^

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