SEXY ZONE’s Marius Yo interprets for Camila Cabello on Music Station

The latest episode of Music Station featured both Camila Cabello and SEXY ZONE as guests!

During Cabello’s segment Music Station decided to take a different approach, and instead of having the friendly looking lady interpret SEXY ZONE member Marius Yo did double duty by both performing and translating for the Cuban star.

Prior to sitting down with Cabello, the boys performed Wasurerarenai Hana from their upcoming 5th studio album XYZ=repainting. The album will include their hit songs Yobisute, Rock Tha Town, Gyutto, and more bringing the total to 16 tracks.  It will be released on February 14th, 2018. 

Before starting they did a cute high-five saying “we got this!“. Yo’s first question involved asking how Cabello spent her time in Japan before coming to Music Station to perform. She visited the famous Asakusa district and took a photo in front of the famous Sensō-ji Buddhist temple. She also ate Ichiran’s world famous ramen and visited a hedgehog cafe. She additionally shared that after the performance she would be heading to a robot restaurant for dinner, and the next day visit Kyoto for more sightseeing. Wow!

Since making her exit from the group Fifth Harmony, Cabello has made a name for herself as one of the top up-and-coming female pop stars. The lead single from her debut album Havana has went to #1 in over 15 countries. Her debut album Camila went to #1 on Billboard at the same time Havana was #1 on Billboard’s hot 100.

Click here to watch SEXY ZONE perform Wasurerarenai Hana and Yo translate for Cabello, click here to watch Cabello perform Havana.

(via Janine @ tips)