ONE OK ROCK is back with new “Ambitions”

It’s been two years since 35xxxv and now ONE OK ROCK announced the title of their new album,  “Ambitions“. Set to release on January 11, 2017, the latest album from the Jrock band contains 14 tracks, including recent single “Taking Off“. Sold in both Limited and Regular editions, the album is available for preorder on iTunes starting November 18. Limited edition features bonus tracks and a dvd of studio acoustic sessions. Although “Ambitions” won’t be out for a while, the track “Bedroom Warefare” is out now.

“Ambitions” features two special guests. Any guesses on who they might be? The band toured with one of them this year. The other artist is someone unexpected but not completely a surprise…

Hit the jump to discover which artists were featured on the album!

Plus get a listen of “Bedroom Warefare”!


1. Ambitions – Introduction –
2. Bombs away
3. Taking Off
4. We are
5. 20/20
6. Always coming back
7. Bedroom Warfare
8. Lost in Tonight
9. I was King
10. Listen(featuring Avril Lavigne)
11. One Way Ticket
12. Bon Voyage
13. Start Again
14. Take what you want(featuring 5 Seconds of Summer)

ONE OK ROCK「Ambitions」ジャケット

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    • gus

      Well, looks like this band no longer want to be “Asian emo gods”.

      • Jo

        more like an ‘Asian 5SOS’ now

        • gus

          At least we will always have old songs *sobs*

          • Jo

            Those are gold! *pats

            • gus

              btw Taka’s brother Hiro just basically threaten him & OOR that MFS will take their place within 5 years. Maybe he saw Bedroom Warfare mv and had enough with his oniichan’s non-sense lol

    • eplizo

      I hope there will at least be a gem like “Heartache” on this album. I know that at this rate, I’ll just have to delete at least half the album, so I’m not setting my expectations high lol.

      Bedroom Warfare is pretty good. At least it’s not bland.

      • bored

        i hate the lyrics now they are singing in english lol. so basic. i cry.

    • bored

      …this is so boring. bored.
      Give me back my rock band.

    • jae

      ugh…none of their latest songs have the unique “flare” or something that they used to have. OOR is making generic songs that are passably okay, but i just keep listening to see if there’s something standout. i miss the sound from their older albums like niche syndrome, zeitakubyou, and kanjou effect. i guess they aren’t going to go back and will continue making these songs with dime a dozen lyrics. :/ oh well, i’ll just jam to the newest [alexandros] album instead.

    • Nic

      I personally can’t wait to hear their new music! Taking Off was really good. I love their new music as much as their old ones TBH.

      • Dalooshe

        It’s nice that you feel that way and lucky for them you exist :'( I’m pained and conflicted that I cannot honestly say that I enjoy what they’ve been releasing </3

    • ChaiChai

      I don’t like how k-popish they look now. But I guess you’re too boring to make it world wide if you’re an asian band and don’t have that “special look”

      • MightyLongFall

        kpop? WTF

        • ChaiChai


          • nana


    • Thomas

      they should call themselves ONE OK POP now.

    • Dalooshe

      Instead of spending pointless $$ on irrelevant MVs that will not save the soon-will-be-forgotten-songs, spend it on some more time in the studio writing thoughtful lyrics that Taka once did and bring some challenge to the beautiful voice than challenging the pop market.

      • gus

        he co-wrote this album with some UK producer :(

      • They clearly aim for the global market recently and I guess they think this kind of music suits that better. Are they right…? I honestly have no idea and even thought this new track isn’t that bad at all, it is nowhere near their earlier classics.

        • Dalooshe

          I am not an expert in global management of musical expansion- but if we as fans (who are supposed to be biased towards them) feel like their music has become superficial and lost a magical touch, then we could only keep an ear out just in case they come out of this phase where they are currently high on their experiences abroad and give us something truly refreshing and thrilling again!

    • Yama92

      I love their old song, their new although some might not be my taste, you really can’t expect a band to remain with the same sound for years, trying new sounds is good but it means also taking risks so far Taking Off and Bedroom Warfare are not bad for what they are a pop/rock song and a pop song, just try and appreciate it for what they are sure BW is basic but most pop music is

      • jae

        i don’t necessarily expect a band to remain the same or not change their sound over the years. i love when artists evolve and branch out. one of my favorite bands right now is [alexandros] and they experiment with quite a few different musical styles even on the same album. but they still maintain a uniqueness that makes their music distinct and enjoyable. taking risks is fine; sometimes it doesn’t pan out, sometimes it’s great. but my problem with OOR is that they are falling into something that lacks their usual intensity–they aren’t setting themselves apart anymore and its hard to tell the difference not only between their individual songs but also between the other generic pop-rock songs that play everywhere (don’t get me wrong, some mainstream songs are pretty good…but those are few in number).

        i don’t mind OOR changing their style. but a lot of the songs on their 35xxxv album were similar to Taking Off and Bedroom Warfare. the producers they’re working with now are not showing off the strengths of this band. Taka has an amazing voice and i want to see more songs like wherever you are, liar, and nobody’s home that showcase his vocals. it’s just that i feel as though OOR and their new producers are trying to shape them into this super edgy band (like the original music video for Taking Off was so random and didn’t fit the song at all, but hey, it looks cool, just do it anyway). if they want to make pop-rock/pop songs, go for it. but i hope it can still retain some uniqueness, ya know? make a standout pop song.

        whoops, sorry for the length of this comment lol. i just wanted to add my two cents as to why i’m disappointed in OOR’s change. i’m not bothered by the fact they changed styles, it’s just the direction they went in isn’t doing much, i guess. it’s good to see them get recognition tho.

      • kazu_no_ko

        I agree that a band shouldn’t be expected to remain the same. I think it’s great that they are trying a direction, but I hope they don’t forget their roots. It seems like they’re alienating their old fans by making a drastic change into the mainstream arena. Their older sound was solid. Honestly, I do enjoy their new sound too, but I’m hoping this album has some of their older flair because that was the initial appeal for me. Take has a strong, distinctive voice and it would be disappointing to have his vocals diluted by the music that’s not showcasing his talent.

        As for Bedroom Warfare, it’s okay; it doesn’t make much of an impact on me. Taking Off was better and I’m hoping the rest of the songs on this upcoming album lean more in the direction of that song.

    • OhNana

      Gotta learn how to lower my expectations next time. Lol. I think i like this mv better than Taking Off (for the english version). But i like listening to Taking Off more than Bedroom Warfare. Seriously tho, where’s Tomoya’s sick beats? The distinct sound from Ryota’s bass? All the awesome adlibs from Toru’s guitar? The amazing vocal (range) of Taka (I’m not saying he should always go high)? I get that they need to evolve. They’ve been around for more than a decade now (i think) and maybe they’re starting to feel like they’re at the point of stagnation but dude, you do not/should not simply cross off the core elements that makes the band stand out! That’s not how evolving works, okay? Watch pokemon and you’ll know. Lol

      PS. I do think (and hope) that this is just a phase and their molting process would be done in another 1-2 albums tops. And as they emerge, they be able to come up with an album that even tops the old ones.

    • When realize expecting meaningful english lyrics is to high of an expectation considering the group sometimes still need an translator and the main “English” speaker is all that articulate. My only hope is that it isn’t as overproduce as 35 or i’ma cry.

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