Base Ball Bear to release their eighth Studio Album in April

As they enter their 11th year on a major label, alternative rock band Base Ball Bear have announced that they will be celebrating the occasion by releasing a new album on April 12th (the anniversary of their debut).  Titled “Kougen”, this will be the band’s first record since the sudden departure of guitarist Shouhei Yuasa and is themed around the idea of ‘Youth’.

“Kougen” will be released in two versions, the latter of which will come packaged with a DVD, and includes eight brand new songs which the group created over the past year.  One of these tracks, “Subete wa Kimi no Sei de”, aired on popular radio program “SCHOOL OF LOCK!” last night, a recording of which can be found below.

In addition, you’ll also find the cover and track list for “Kougen” beneath the cut, so please read onwards.

-’Kougen’ Track List-


  • CD
  1. Subete wa Kimi no Sei de
  2. Gyaku Butterfly Effect
  3. Low way
  5. Kankei
  6. SHINE
  7. Realities
  8. Darling
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 16/17” at GALAXY STAGE 2016.12.31
  2. Tour “Band B no Subete 2016-2017” Documentary

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    • sol

      omg why did the guitarist leave???? :( that’s so strange.

      • Ryusenkai

        Per my understanding of things, he just stopped showing up for studio sessions and even communicating with the rest of the band. After a few days, he announced via a third party that he’d be unable to continue as a member of the group. Apparently none of them have been able to contact him either, nor really understand why any of it happened in the first place. Strange indeed.

        • sol

          Thank you so much for replying!
          I don’t want it to be true but it really seems like he might be involved with a cult. To just disappear out of the blue like that reminds me a lot of what happened to Fumika Shimizu and Nakajima Tomoko. I can only hope he decided to become a monk or something.

        • HyperMoot .

          yet another case of jouhatsu !?

    • Historia Lenz

      Another great album to look forward too! :)