A Radio Rip of Crystal Kay and Namie Amuro’s Collaboration Has Surfaced

As previously reported, on September 16, Crystal Kay will release her new single, “REVOLUTION.” The title track is a duet with Namie Amuro, a singer who Crystal has idolized since her youth. Earlier today, the song made its premiere on radio station J-WAVE’s show “GROOVE LINE Z.” We now have a recording of that premiere. A short lyric video was also uploaded on Youtube today. Check them out after the jump along with the single’s covers!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

Radio rip

Lyric video


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    • sumomona

      when will your faves!! is what i want to say but i didn’t like it much ha
      still excited for the pv & performances tho

      • I doubt there will be performances seeing as how Namie doesn’t do tv anymore.

        • sumomona

          blehh well kurichan might just do em solo
          i got so excited to be so let down :(

    • http://media0.giphy.com/media/CVKJlJ2cYsREs/giphy.gif

      This would’ve worked at the beginning of the decade… And a dubstep break? Really?

      • Guest

        LOL as if 90% of Jpop didnt sound as the beginning of the decade

        • I don’t understand your comment.

          • Guest

            You dont understand so many things
            I’m saying you’re acting as if Jpop in general didnt sound dated. Newsflash: it does

            • I don’t know what you’re listening to but what I’m listening to doesn’t sound dated.

              • Guest

                oh yes, I forgot you’re the overlord of good taste and excellence in musis and all humans are below you.
                Why I even talk to you, anyway? Why someone does?

                Whatever lets you sleep at night.

                • Wow, you’re really upset?

                  • Guest

                    no, just being honest

        • mee-KE-le

          • Guest

            I didnt know JUJU made up for 90% of Jpop. Cool

    • Guilherme Teruya

      Not as epic as I wanted it to be, but it’s still a jam.

    • They sound nice together! I like Namie’s part in the beginning and Crystal’s background vocals towards the end.

    • ohhello

      damn namie’s pose on the RE cover is so amateur and unflattering… get it together girl!!

      • She was going for “broken doll”, but forgot the “doll” part.

        • she looks like an angry grandma in that pose

      • Maybe she is doing chri-chan a favor.

      • L

        that’s what I thought too her pose is really bad compare to kay….I hoped for a better pose from namie and better fancy dress too…like the one kay is wearing…..kay’s dress is way better.

    • I’m hoping the PV is decent. The coupling song is written by UTA and MICHICO. UTA tweeted.

    • kazu_no_ko

      I think the song is pretty good and it will get you moving. I can’t wait to see the video. Honestly, having Namie in the song is a nice boost of star power, but she didn’t really add anything to the song. Kuri alone would’ve been just as strong if not stronger.

    • eplizo

      Just as basic as I anticipated lol.

    • guest

      I like it, but tbh I expected something more grand…

      Also, Namie, gurl, da fuq r u doin on the RE cover? ur neck ok?

    • I was so excited then I read ya’ll’s comments and now I’m sort of wavering…thanks a lot.

    • circe154

      Amazing, Namie’s singing in Japanese again.

    • mee-KE-le

      It’s your usual LDH’s EDM banger. Not that I was expecting something else, but still. I don’t get why two singers so influenced by american music don’t embrace this new R&B movement and make it their own like they did in the past. Why sticking with this outdated EDM? If you want a dance number (which is perfectly fine), make it sound like it’s 2015, not 2011.

      • There are a number of girls in Jpaan embracing the new R&B sound, but 2 of the main R&B girls from last decade aren’t. It’s weird.

        And if they wanted to do a dance song, they could’ve got someone like tofubeats or Seiho or PARKGOLF to do it. It’s really weird since tofubeats actually remixed Crystal’s last single.

    • Alva Starr

      Reminds me of music they’d use in a makeup commercial. The song name and that (makeup advertisement style) pic doesn’t help.

    • rie

      People are saying this is generic, and I agree….but i don’t care haha. I like it!! Apart from that random dubstep break, not sure what the point of that was.