Namie Amuro and Crystal Kay Come Together in Amazing Collaboration

This just in! Crystal Kay and reigning J-pop queen, Namie Amuro are collaborating. Despite the news being leaked mid-July, not many fans knew the details exception there was a collaboration at work. However, the curtains has risen and more information has been revealed.

Namie will be the featured artist on Crystal Kay’s Septermber 16th single, REVOLUTION.

REVOLUTION is described as a powerful, rooters’ song with uptempo dance music. The song is reinforced with the red and black outfits that these two lovely ladies are wearing. Crystal was quoted saying that “this is a dream come true. This dream is amazing”.

And surely this is a dream come true for Crystal. As a kid, along with western music, this blasian songstress grew up on globe, SPEED and Namie Amuro herself. Crystal reminisces, “I listened to Namie everyday”, she goes on to talk about the first time she met Namie. This was back when she was about 6 years old. She went with her mother to a Super Monkeys event, and was able to meet Namie who was a member at the time. They even took a picture together, with Crystal, a big smile on her face, sitting on Namie’s lap. Adorable, I’m sure this is a picture all of us would love to see.

Here is a news clip with a preview of the song below!


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