Former SPEED member Takako Uehara’s alleged infidelity exposed in dead husband’s suicide note

In 2012 former SPEED member Takako Uehara married TENN, who was one of the lead MCs of hip-hop group ET-KING. In 2014, TENN committed suicide.

After nearly three years, reports are now starting to pop up that Takako actually had an affair during the marriage and TENN was well aware of it. Takako apparently hooked up with ikemen actor Tsuyoshi Abe, who is best known for appearing in the 2005-2008 “Hana Yori Dango” reboot as Akira Mimasaka. Tsuyoshi himself is also married, tying the knot with Chinese actress Shi Ke in 2009.

In TENN’s suicide note, he profusely apologizes to Takako and his family and acknowledges Takako’s affair with Tsuyoshi as a “betrayal“, further commenting that he tried to remedy the situation with alcohol. Despite not being able to get over the “betrayal,” he felt that the decision to take his own life was for the best, encouraging her to do her best and that the future will be okay. The note sadly ends by him telling Takako to not open the car door, just to call the police immediately. TENN hanged himself in the backseat of their car.

Tabloids allege that TENN felt somewhat of an inferiority complex towards Takako. ET-KING had a respectable career, but the group and TENN himself never came close to the star power of Takako, even after SPEED stopped activities. The couple didn’t have any children together as he apparently had male infertility issues, which may have taken an additional toll on his ego.

This revelation shocked fans and netizens, but some are wondering if this is actually a smear campaign against Takako. Many are wondering if this information was leaked by TENN’s younger brother, or someone else in their family. Waiting nearly three years to suddenly share all this information can come off as a little sketchy, especially with gossip of fellow SPEED member Eriko Imai being caught up in an affair scandal earlier this week.

[+5242, -40] Tsuyoshi Abe is married, isn’t he?!

[+3742, -193] Now?

[+5473, -34] Somehow…infidelity made those around her unhappy.

[+9172, -81] If it’s the truth, then Takako Uehara is the worst.

[+7791. -35] What!? He committed suicide because of her adultery?

[+7198, -84] She didn’t say it when he died. Takako is the worst.

[+3397, -23] I’m appalled.

[+6172, -28] Why did it come out now…? After all this, I wonder if the family holds a grudge against her.

[+5363, -41] I wonder if it had to with his azoospermia [male infertility]?

[+5305, -33] Well… Suicide from depression caused by [her] affair?

[+6063, -195] Did TENN’s younger brother publish this? Male infertility and [his] wife’s affair…It doesn’t feel right to make such a private thing public.

[+4530, -15] What happened to SPEED?

[+3995, -55] Speed: nothing more than a bunch of bitches, huh?

[+2811, -11] They appeared to be a couple well-suited for each other…

[+3087, -25] Ah… If that’s the case, then Takako Uehara is a piece of shit.

[+3209, -12] So her former husband’s family made this public, huh? If it’s true, it’s hard to swallow.

[+3158, -28] It seems TENN really loved Takako. I guess he couldn’t face the reality of [his wife’s] adultery.

[+4519, -31] Is this for real…? An infertile husband, committed suicide despairing his future including his wife’s affair…If this is true, it will completely change how the public eye perceives Takako Uehara.

[+2372, -198] Seems like female celebrities from Okinawa are sluts.

[+2870, -29] It’s upsetting because there are so many times he said “I’m sorry” even though she was the one who had the affair.

[+113, -241] I don’t know if this is true or not. The timing is suspicious.

[+261, -513] I understand that this isn’t something that can be healed easily, even after three years, but who can be happy by exposing this? Even deceased people do not want this.

[+1771, -19] This person…

[+1471, -13] Ee!! The wife that played the role of heroine following her husband’s death. The world was sympathizing with her when she was the cause. Being prone to adultery is an incurable disease. Seriously.

[+1409, -15] This is different from other affairs that were only sufficiently risky, like Becky or [Mari] Yaguchi, but when people die…it’s too heavy to laugh about.

[+916, -7] I wonder if they could have just divorced without him killing himself.

[+738, -8] I guess this note is her husband’s grand revenge. It’s rash, like something straight out of a drama.

[+613, -18] Her former husband was a kind person. There’s no way she can return to the entertainment world after this. She indirectly killed him. But, why now?

[+837, -7] The tragic heroine took a hit. Were they real tears, or feelings of guilt? It’s amazing to put out the real name of Abe Tsuyoshi.

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    • Kyle

      He clearly had a multitude of underlying issues that weren’t addressed. The princess of Okinawa will not be solely blamed for this

      • Ceebz

        Typical Japan…trying to put all the blames to the female!

        • The whore of Okinawa

          protecting that whore gg

          • Midori

            Funny how no man ever gets called a w*ore for cheating. Oh sorry, not “funny”, but misogynistic.

            • The whore of Okinawa

              Well… it doesnt change the fact that she is a whore

    • colourring

      She’ll have to live with it forever if it’s true. Especially now that it’s out in the open.

      If you want to hop on someone else’s dick, please end whatever else you’ve got going on instead of wilfully hurting others.

      • airodrigues

        I don’t think she cares, she didn’t care about him then, she won’t do now.

    • Nasukwa

      I kind of find this news a little bit too coincidental considering how another SPEED member, Imai Eriko, had recently been reported to be having an affair with Kobe City councillor Hashimoto Ken.

    • MIKI

      i find it really hard to believe that her cheating is the sole reason he ended his own life. if she did cheat that’s obviously horrible, but the family trying to spin the full blame on her is really vindictive and disgusting

      • AoZora

        But there is no proof of family being involved in leaking.. Though the timing looks suspicious, nobody can tell who leaked it…

        • Zoe

          There is proof. The publication that leaked this has direct quotes from the younger brother. I don’t know why the article doesn’t mention that.

          • AoZora

            Maybe then..

      • Sarina

        He could have had other stuff going on, but people always want to downplay the emotional harm cheating causes. Combined with fertility issues (Ex: women with PCOS are 7x more likely to attempt suicide than women without it) and the firm belief that you can’t measure up to others? If that was the biggest reason why he decided to end his own life, that’s completely believable.

    • N

      :( Heartbreaking

    • angel223_

      I don’t know.. but this is depressing…
      I dont see why she need to cheat when she can divorce him/ and the guy must be very depressed knowing all of this…

      Plus… not all Okinawan people are like that!!
      Irony is…
      The headlines nowadays were all about affair.. sickening.

      • AoZora

        Really, there are too many cheating scandals out there… It’s depressing..

        • angel223_

          Yeah and Japan is known for being sexist putting all blame to woman.. but this case were different since the guy is infirtile (he must be very insecured and even wish her for best)

          Like Irl.. theres really cases like that but some people tend to adopt and work for relationship rather than destroying it by cheating.

          • AoZora

            I think if your marriage is not working out, better talk it out with your spouse and amicably settle it.. Cheating will not help… Hope people realize seriousness of relationships and make a sincere attempt to make it work.. If it’s not working there will always be a better way out, not cheating and not suicides..

            • ProllyWild

              Non-confrontational culture in japan. It’s easier to sleep around the issue than it is to just deal with it head on.

    • AoZora

      If this indeed is true, I really feel sorry for TENN… If the marriage was not working they could have divorced..

    • eplizo

      What a mess…. I feel even worse for him now.

      • Mini Saifina


    • iciviuja

      that’s why there’s no secret in this life. no secrets can be shut forever.. no matter how you keep it, it’ll be out in the open one day..

    • ProllyWild


    • Zoe

      I don’t know why you’re saying it’s unknown who leaked this. The publication has quotes from his younger brother who supplied the contents of the suicide note addressed to Takako and the screen captures of her Line conversations and photos that TENN took.

      He said he had planned to keep it a secret but couldn’t hold it in anymore, probably because she was recently in the tabloids with a new boyfriend.

      • AoZora

        Probably his brother was jealous since she has moved on after that episode(probably without guilt) whereas he and maybe his parents are still not able to deal with the loss..

      • Nina

        Holy shit, poor guy….

      • Holy shit, legit receipts? this is really fked up tbh, poor TENN :/

    • AkaneHaga


    • Harlie

      Idk… we don’t know the full details. And besides, the last months her hubby was alive, she looked really tired and unhappy in her interviews. If something like this happened, must have been for a reason. Adultery or not… These things are always much more complicated than what they seem to be. So I think it’s unfair to point fingers at them. Also, don’t forget the alleged yakuza connections from Tenn. Hope everything turns out fine. And after three years, this is very disrespectful to Tenn and Taka.

      • Zoe

        The Yakuza rumors came long before TENN.

        I was hoping not to translate any of the stuff, but the letter next to the Line conversations is damning. She and Abe were talking about having children together.

        • Mini Saifina

          They were talking about what?? Are you sure…?

          • Zoe


            • Mini Saifina

              wow…. And they were both married… just wow
              I feel so bad for TENN and right now for his family…
              Thank you for answer

    • Encha277

      I don’t buy that her affair was really the trigger to his suicide, a contributing factor, maybe, but you have to be at rock bottom to go the suicide route. One affair shouldn’t do that unless you are already very emotionally unstable which may have been why she was having an affair in the first place. Not saying cheating is right, but demonizing her doesn’t seem appropriate at this point. Also sharing details of a suicide note with the media is super trashy, especially 3 years after the fact.

      • yamakita

        I would cheat on him, too, just to get away from the mental instability.

        • AoZora

          didn’t get you…

          • yamakita

            If he really killed himself because of her cheating, I can only imagine how sofficating it was to be in a relationship with him. The dude was messed up and prolly beyond help. Cheating is wrong, but to not think enough of himself to live for HIMSELF…not sure he should be in a relationship to begin with. Something is very messed up here for sure. Like DD said, they could have divorced. This is tragic all around.

            • AoZora

              Yes, this cheating may not be the reason…But,cheating really hurts.. Infertility,inferiority complex and may be some more reasons probably… But,as far as I know, a person suffering from depression needs a lot of family support.. Not sure if cheating while he is suffering from depression was a good thing to do..

              Anyways,he hardly blamed her and wished her well… So,I think he never felt negative about it… His life,killing himself or staying alive is entirely his wish.. I do not want to name call people committing suicides as cowards or something…Let him rest in peace..

              • Not Polka Dot

                Which reminds me of TOKIO’s Yamaguchi Tatsuya who got divorced last year because he got issues and he was honest about it. And then, about two months after his divorce, this came out: which implied that he was suffering from depression, he was seeking for help and fortunately not succumbed to the depression.

                Maybe he didn’t want to burden his wife and kids, so the only solution they could find was divorce.

    • Zoe

      Oh, I just noticed this: “further commenting that he tried to remedy the situation with alcohol”.

      He was warning HER not to drink so much.

      • Mini Saifina

        That’s heartbreaking. Even tho he knew she was cheating he wanting to prevent her from suffering, from seeing him hanged in the car. He was loving her so much…
        (excuse my poor english)