Namie Amuro Suing Tabloid Magazine for Libel and Publishing Photo with Son

It has been revealed that singer Namie Amuro is suing the publisher of tabloid magazine “Josei Seven” for libel and distributing a paparazzi photograph taken without permission, Nikkan Sports reports.

According to the complaint, “Josei Seven” published a false article about an alleged relationship with a man and a photo of Amuro walking next to her son without permission in the August 28 and September 8 issues last year.

According to the Tokyo District Court on June 21, Amuro is requesting compensation of 110,000,000 yen (roughly $990,000 USD) for damages from publishing company Shogakukan of Hitotsubashi Group, as well as a written apology in their publication.

Due to libel and a violation of my privacy, I felt a strong discomfort and anxiety,” Amuro asserted.

The “Josei Seven” editorial office declined to comment as the lawsuit is pending.

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    • Dalooshe

      Ayy carambaaa~ Almost 1 million dollars for feeling discomfort and anxiety. That’s how fierce queens (mommas) go around.

    • Fierce Mama

    • surfboardt
    • Skai

      It’s a bit late to file a case, isn’t it…?
      What’s the photograph in question?

      • ProllyWild

        Everything is SLOW in Japan…

        • Skai

          LOL 😂😂

      • Haruto Is My Daddy

        I mean she’s suing because she doesn’t want the photo out.

        But I don’t care about her wishes.

        • Skai

          That’s her son?

          • hmmm

            he’s a few steps behind her too, keep in mind

            • Skai

              True. But even so, he looks about her height. An inch taller if anything.

              • Tran Vu

                She’s wearing like, 3 inch wedges. I’m pretty sure he’s taller.

                • Chuck

                  Hes also only 19 hes still growing

        • That hot bod, Haruto!

      • this unnie is weird

        She probably filed it a year ago but it just went public now.

        • Skai

          Makes sense. Thanks for your response!

    • honey girl

      On one hand, she’s kinda overreacting. She’s crafted such a plastic persona that it’s like she thinks one look into her private life will somehow shatter our view of her. But then on the other hand, after looking at her contemporaries, I can’t say I blame her for wanting to be private. Japanese tabloids are all sorts of misogynistic. That story about the man could have spun into something positive but knowing the tabloids, they were being little shits.

      • ProllyWild

        it’s easy to shrug off stuff about yourself but I think in most case people are more worried about their kids in these situriations. These stories can cause a lot of pressure on kids of celebrities.

      • moh

        the story said the man was married. i agree about her son tho because he’s been photographed with her in the past and she didn’t care, but that was back when she didn’t have custody i guess.

        • takufox

          Shes been photographed with her son before in Hong Kong while she was shopping. They published it and she won a little more than a half a mill. Shes doesnt play. I dont think the cares if she herself gets photographed but when it comes to the privacy of someone like her son who is not a public figure, she can get pretty aggressive. Considering Japan has some pretty strict libel laws, i cant imagine her losing this case. Especially when they are making it seem like shes stealing someone’s man and its actually her son. Im sorry but this would be considered slander borderline libel in the US. I wouldnt say shes crafted a “plasic persona” however. shes just private and shes pretty much always been like that. the most you get of her home life is what she chooses to disclose in fashion magazine interviews.

          • Namie has been handling her career and private lives in such an amazing manner. She has make mistakes but from her actions over the years, you know you cant messed with her esp anything that involves her family. More celebrities should follow her steps!

    • BabyPanda

      Took her a year for this ?

      • this unnie is weird

        There needs to be an investigation before anything can be done. It’s a long process.

    • AoZora

      I feel its kind of over-reaction. That amount is too high and that the case being filed after such a long time.. Most of celebrities don’t enjoy a private life and celebrities try to ignore them and consider it part and parcel of being in entertainment industry,at least in my country.Unless it is very damaging to her,she should just ignore that gossip article.

      • iGleaux

        Her son isn’t a celebrity though and that’s where this issue stems from. Those people made money off her kid. This is also Japan where regular people’s privacy is taken serious (once again her son).

    • Get ’em gurl.

    • eplizo

      Yes, queen!

    • PigeonPop

      Namie only targeting Josei Seven is something I find quite significant, as it’s the only Japanese tabloid (at least to my knowledge) that continues to circulate rumors on how Namie is “brainwashed” and is a serial adulterer. Perhaps that’s where the whole libel part of the complaint comes into play. In any case, I respect her decision–good for her for doing this.

    • mi|kshake

      Go Namie!

    • HyperMoot .

      – comfort option: ignore
      – soft option: a new genre of tabloid that will target the owners of tabloids, the paps and make their life uncomfy and miserable
      – extreme option: kneecapping for the paps, rehab camps for tabloid readers

      anyway, I hope she’ll win the case and that the josei seven editors will have to sell a few gold teeth to save their budget

    • Nels

      i dont think the issue is so much about the picture but rather with the article itself, plus they are really bad paparazzi like they coulnd not get a picture from the face???

      it could be anyone honestly

      good for her if she can make them pay lol

      but honestly i can of dig to get those info about her.

      they are so rare than even just that seems a lot.

      I believe that the way celebrities are able to maintain longevity is by being super discreet that make them kind of rare or something.

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