Ken Hirai to release new single “Non Fiction”

Ken Hirai will be releasing his 42nd single “Non Fiction”. It will serve as the theme song for the upcoming TBS drama “Chiisana Kyojin” starring Masaki Okada and Hiroki Hasegawa which begins airing on April 16th, 2017.

A special limited edition version of the single will include 10 live tracks from Ken’s 2017 concert “THE STILL LIFE”, only priced at 1250 yen. Ken’s “THE STILL LIFE” lives are a short series of concerts that began on April 11th and will conclude on April 19th.  Noted musician Seiji Kameda produced “Non Fiction” who is perhaps most known for working extensively with Shiina Ringo, producing many songs for her and playing bass in her band Tokyo Jihen.

“Non Fiction” will be released on June 7th, 2017.


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    • Ben

      Dude is still fine…when will your fav look this good at 45 ?

    • yes

      Gay king. I wonder if he will ever pull a Manilow when he is older?

      • Ben

        I thought he came out or at least everyone pretty much knows that he is… didn’t he get caught hanging out at a gay bar in NYC years ago?