CICADA Comes Back with Hip-Hop Track ‘One’

It’s been over a year since CIADA had released their first full album ‘Bedroom‘ (and half a year since their E.P. ‘Loud Colors‘). Yesterday the band put their newest track ‘One‘ on their soundcloud; ahead of their second album’s, ‘Formula‘, release. As the title of the articled hinted at, the melo-track is heavily hip-hop influenced. With some slight notes of jazz, lead singer Akiko Kido raps over the backing track. Even though it is a very calming song, don’t let it fool you; it can hold it’s own weight.



  1. daylight
  2. Sutain
  4. DROP
  5. stand alone(blue)
  6. Reloop
  7. Furueru yubisaki
  8. Tonai
  9. stilllike
  10. Kudaranai koto
  11. one
  12. Potoreto
    dream on

CICADA‘s second full-length album ‘Formula‘ will be released on 11.19.

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    • Sounds better than their last reelase.