Misconduct with 17-year-old forces Keisuke Koide into indefinite hiatus

Talent agency Amuse has indefinitely suspended the activities of actor Keisuke Koide (33) following information coming to light concerning alcohol use and “inappropriate relationship” with a 17-year-old high school student.

According to Oricon’s account of the announcement, an article in the upcoming issue of Friday reports that Koide allegedly drank and had an “improper relationship” with a 17-year-old girl in early May during the shooting of a drama in Osaka.  After confirming the validity of the report with Koide himself, Amuse announced on Thursday that Koide will be going on indefinite hiatus.

They reportedly had unprotected sex multiple times, even when she said she did not want to continue because it was painful.

In consideration to the weight of the situation, Amuse has decided to suspend his activities indefinitely and continue to consult all concerned parties

NHK announced that it is cancelling the release of “Kamisama kara Hito Koto – Naniwa Okyakusama Soudanshitsu Monogatari“, set to air on June 10th of which stars Koide. He has also been dismissed from upcoming NTV drama “Aishitetatte, Himitsu wa Aru,” including being removed from the website.

Additionally, there are reports that the fate of upcoming Netflix drama “Jimmy – The True Story of a True Idiot” and Toshio Lee’s comedy “Ie ni Karen to Tsuma ga Kanarazu Shinda Furi wo Shite Imasu,” which has just finished production in the spring for a 2018 release, are also being discussed.

Amuse has released a statement from Koide:

First of all, due to my careless actions and causing a great deal of trouble for all involved parties, I would like to express my sincere, heartfelt apologies for all the trouble I may have caused.

Above all else, sympathizing with the other person involved, I am truly sorry.

To everyone I’ve worked with, all the staff who have been involved in all the projects I’ve appeared in so far, my fans who support me: I feel an immeasurable amount of guilt.

From now on, I will take every criticism and punishment seriously and take responsibility for myself.

As an adult, I’m aware of my poor actions. I was overly indulgent and there is no room for excuses.

Once again, at this time, I apologize for any inconveniences I may have caused.

Keisuke Koide

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    • Wtf

      Wow that’s fucked UP

    • AkaneHaga

      i think i read this similiar news before and he survive as an actor now
      they make it looklike its ok if you fk lit child

    • Dinbradpitt Ching

      he is stupid

    • light

      Fuck off

    • angel223_

      inconsiderate asshole.

    • guest

      even when she said she did not want to continue


      and take responsibility for myself.

      and the possible kid you might have with the 17yo, you disgusting creature

      • Hermione48fan

        The first part i weird, did they make that line up or did the girl say something?. Because it is saying “they reportedly”. Who told that to the press?. Just asking.

        • Bubi.

          Friday claims it but we don’t know which parts of the story from them are accurate since it’s a gossip magazine, just that parts of it are as his agency has responded

    • HyperMoot .

      always baffles me when talented people behave like real jerks when they’re off screen, appalling conduct

      • Karen Khoo

        Surprising isn’t it. It’s reality….

      • Mayura

        Hardly surprising. In fact, their on-screen selves are just catering to the audience and fans’ fantasy. That’s why people are in for a shock when people who look demure and nice are in reality drug users, cheaters etc.

        • HyperMoot .

          right but hopefully lots ain’t just like him

          • Mayura

            Well, if the paparazzi digs harder, there could be more unrevealed dirt in the whole showbiz.

            • HyperMoot .

              actors like other artists, civil servants, teachers or plumbers or whatever group are no different from the rest of humanity, the ratio of jerks/predators within any group surely is not very different

              • Mayura

                I’m pretty sure IRS agents or plumbers don’t have their own fan clubs or become role models to the majority of people. LOL~

                • HyperMoot .

                  so what? plumbers have temp access to your home, how many of them come back at night with their friends for a burglary cause while fixing things they managed to get keys and codes…if you see my point. Believing that a vast majority of artists or ..ha! politicians are corrupt by essence -because of their role, function, impact- is delusional or should I say that this thinking is convenient for the rest of society.

                  • Mayura


        • Actors are meant to ‘deceive’ audience anyway

          • Mayura

            Acting in dramas or movies, yes. But these people go beyond that. Even in variety shows, you don’t really glimpse much into their real selves either.

        • Yes I agree. You really cant judge people with the way you see them on variety shows or etc.. That is only a facade they put on when the camera is rolling. :(

    • Bloodforge

      Trash, good riddance.

    • Karen Khoo

      Oh noo not another one on hiatus. (I MISS HIROKI NARIMIYA LIKE CRAZY) I really liked Koide Keisuke in ‘N no Tame ni’ though. But he has to pay for his actions. Underage sex is a NONO. Plus she doesn’t want to continue so it’s considered rape.

      • MoocowPoorchick

        It’s pretty common in Japan to settle rape/sexual assault cases with money though. The pressure on the women from all sides to settle the case and shut up is ridiculous. Even the police tell women to just take the money and run, since men hardly get convicted for stuff like that anyway. Famous people even less than normal ones. And just because she had a child before, doesn’t mean she’s suddenly invincible and that nobody can hurt her.

    • hizurisama

      jfc what a dumbass can’t all the actors just use their fkin money leave the country for a day or 2 and just pay hookers

      • k

        so fucking young kids is fine as long as it’s not in their own country? tf

        • hizurisama

          tf he’s guilty af my point was he shouldn’t rape underage kids and should just hire hookers jfc

          • bailey darbii

            i think his preference is young girls… so he would be buying young girls in the end…

      • O

        He could get someone older and consenting in his own country without even having to pay, I’m sure. It’s just the fact that she was a high school student and ~*taboo*~ made his dick jerk in his pants.

        I bet he was filming in her town and she was excited by the idea that he was a celebrity and when he realized he could fuck a high school girl he went for it. Definitely an imbalance of power and insanely irresponsible and selfish on his part.

        • hizurisama

          yeah, you said it. he’s disgusting

      • mikamika

        Sorry, but prostitution is just another way of forcing a person to have sex. The vast majority are not selling themselves because they want the sex, they have no other way of earning money (or are being forced).
        Besides, I’d be just as concerned if he went abroad to buy someone with regards to the sex-tourists paradises in SE-Asia…

    • eplizo


    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      gross… -_-

    • H

      For a second I thought this was Eikura Nana’s husband and I was SHOCKED.

      Anyway…he’s a fucking rapist??? Is he not getting locked up?

      • guest

        How could you confuse Kaku Kento with this thing D:

    • What

      Wtf he should be in jail

    • PigeonPop

      It’s honestly no wonder why we see older actors like Hiroshi Abe and Yuki Amami “hog” high profile sponsors and total CM-time; the young’uns are such a liability.

    • This is disgusting….did he think he could get away with this? He is done.

    • Kyrie

      Are charged going to be brought on him??? Or is 17yo a consenting age in Japan? Either way, if they can’t get him on statutory then he needs to get rape charges filed on him.

      • Sensei

        At 17 years, she knows exactly what she’s doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wants to get money out of him for it.

        • wtf

          wtf is wrong with you? she’s still a kid probably star struck an actor was into her then it obviously went too far. she’s the victim here. even if she DID want money it’s still abuse of power from him, a 33 year old man.

        • Mayura

          Nobody knows if the girl is in enjo kousai either.

        • jae

          You’re so gross. This guy raped a 17 year old girl and you’re here saying this shit? Aren’t you the same person that was blaming Enon’s wife, saying it was her fault he cheated on her? I can see how little you respect women. Get out of here, misogynist.

          • Sensei

            LMFAO calling me a misogynist. You realize that hurling insults doesn’t get your point across. He didn’t rape her at all. She tried to extort him for money. He’s stupid though for not checking to make sure he was dating someone within what is considered legal. And to do your note about Enon – yeah I blamed Enon’s wife partially due to their marriage fall out. It’s not always the guy’s fault.

        • Ninch

          Are you saying adult women don’t get raped?

          • Sensei

            Nope, both guys and girls can get raped. In this case though, she was trying to extort him for money and claim to be the victim. It’s girls like her who make believing woman harder for everyone when it’s filled with lies.

        • silly rabbit.

          Wow, you’re scum.

          • Sensei

            Silly rabbit, insults are for kids.

    • Taru

      Oh, but it’s fine when they depict it in fictional dramas and movies, right?? (I’m so fucking mad at him right now, trust me, I am not sympathizing with him at all.)

    • Sensei

      Poor guy… more than likely the girl lied about her age so she could sleep with him. This is so common in Japan with celebs and kids. The celebs need to wisen up and get some ID from the individual before they start entering into any kind of relationship.

      • Mi
        • Sensei

          Well, if that’s what he fancies then fine. But he needs to use more caution. Otherwise he’ll hit another roadblock in his career.

      • silly rabbit.

        Yeah go on, blame the victim.

      • morning glow

        let me guess!! it’s also her fault she was raped because she led him on. rme
        it’s fucking 2017, when are we gonna stop having these conversations jfc.

        • Sensei

          We won’t stop having these conversations. This girl was CLEARLY looking for a payout. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. This happens ALL THE TIME in Japan because far too many guys have “Loli-complexes” and girls who’re looking for money will claim to be a victim.

          • True*Star

            So that doesn’t excuse his behavior. I doubt that he even asked her legal age. He is a creep.

            • Sensei

              Now enters the need for context and background for what happened. Did she tell him she was 17? Or did she lie and say 20? Japanese women are harder to tell their age. My wife (Japanese born) for example is in her 40’s yet she looks younger than I do. At the end of the day, a celebrity needs to protect themselves from situations like this by being street smart – which Koide clearly didn’t do.

    • REMISU

      Okay so what are the odds he was framed and what are the odds that he’s actually a rapist.

      (There are rumors the 17year old is a single mom)

      • dun dun dunnn~

        The 17 years old HSJ’s Yamada supposedly got pregnant, should have given birth few months ago. she’s probably not 17 anymore tho…

        • ae_abercrombie

          From my understanding, they’re supposed to be doing a DNA test to make sure who’s the father. I hope. They should. They would want to. They better. All of them knew better than that though but it’s not the baby’s fault.

      • Bell

        Even if it’s the same person, it’s not like being a mother makes a woman available for nonconsensual sex. It’s still rape when it’s not consensual, whether the person is a woman or man, a parent, a virgin, a prostitute, or a nun. No is no.

        • REMISU

          What I meant was this: what are the odds that it was not nonconsensual. (Which was proven true in the updated post from a few hours ago)

          Then the whole she’s a single mother thing was just a rumor that I heard that had nothing to do with above statement.

          They were just two separate thoughts. That was why I separated them… 😅 but I guess it does sound like I’m saying it’s okay to have nonconseual sex when the woman is a mother– which was definitely not what I was saying (bc I don’t think that at all)

          • Bell

            It’s really hard to always say what we mean online! Well, it’s hard face-to-face, too, but at least we have facial expressions and tone of voice to help us out then.

    • Mi

      Well as expected of the gross dude who said women in their 20s are “old grannies”


      • Mayura

        Even though he himself looks much older than his real age? Real piece of trash.

      • ae_abercrombie

        What a piece of work. Asshole. He needs to go to jail.

      • chenzi

        wow huge red flags with that statement of his. what a gross human.

      • Anch

        WTF? Can anyone explain exactly what he said/the context (not that I think there could possibly be an excuse)?

    • Ha_ni

      I used to be fan of him, how disappointing…

    • WTF

      There’s so many disgusting lolicons in the industry. Over 20 years ago comedian Iwao Itsuji was caught having “misconduct” with a middle school girl. When he was interviewed he said he “thought the girl was 18” (sound like any commenters here?) And after a 4 year break he was on TV again.

      Mifune Mika met her future husband rock singer Takahashi George when she was 13 and he was 37…they married 3 years later.

      Even Okada Masaki had the AUDACITY to say he was feeling in love with and ask a 12 year old girl during a location shoot if she would move in with him and that he’d do anything for her. The MC of the show was like “???” and he replied that age doesn’t matter if he likes her.


      • silly rabbit.

        I think I just threw up. Omg.

      • hasawa

        The fact that so many ppl in the entertainment industry can get away with their sick obsession with kids (if not blatant pedophilia) is astounding. Who the hell asks a 12 y.o girl out???
        It’s not better in the West tho, look up Polanski and all these scum defending him saying “but he’s such a great producer” WTF??

      • ter

        wait, the Okada Masaki actor?
        …….. and they aired that part???

        • PigeonPop

          That’s a big part of why 2ch likes Okada (despite usually being sour towards younger “ikemen” actors); it’s quite similar to how they were propping up Tegoshi until the caught-with-the-yakuza photo leaked. When 2ch likes a male celebrity, it’s usually not a good thing.

          • What other actors do they like?

            • PigeonPop

              Just based on the actors board of 2ch, that will be Takayuki Yamada, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Shun Oguri, Takeru Sato. Not exactly the dean’s list for good conduct (more like the opposite) save for Kamiki.

              • I wonder why they like Kamiki tbh. Is it because of his psycho roles in Kazuko game/SPEC2? I cant believe when I read his name on your list.

                And what did Yamada Takayuki, Fujiwara Tatsuya, & Sato Takeru did lol? Takayuki Yamada is a hermit in real life and Takeru seemed like a sweetheart everytime I see him in variety shows.

                • PigeonPop

                  Kamiki had a bit of a head start with child acting, and of course it’s 2ch so the crowd there will automatically be a bit more lenient to someone with a history of, and continues to participate in animated features. I guess he also still has a bit of a virginal image (yikes) from 2ch’s POV, and hence being propped up for the opposite reasons compared to the others who are being “admired” for being womanizers (again, yikes).

                  Takeru had the whole infamous “Busu Kaere” / ugly-girls-can-leave partying scandal featuring Shohei Miura back in 2014; it happened again this year with Tegoshi (unsurprisingly) at his side this time. Tatsuya Fujiwara is basically incapable of keeping his libido in check and has slept around with who knows how many women since his teen years (with many unflattering photos still floating around on the internet). Takayuki had the whole illegitimate child scandal, which probably is why he is a lot more low key now compared to the mid-2000s. He still hangs around with Takeru, Shun, and Jin Akanishi though so knows what might happen in the future.

                  • Thank you for this. Ahh I think I remember the scandal of Takeru and Takayuki. But didnt know that about Tatsuya tbh. If it were a girl, her career will be over but he is still lead in movies and dramas even until now.

      • chenzi

        do you have any screencaps of the mcs reaction?

      • Sensei

        It’s not just in the industry, there’s a huge cultural problem in Japan with lolicons.

    • morning glow

      he just raped an underaged woman??? shouldnt we be talking abt jail time right now???

    • silly rabbit.

      Jesus fucking christ. I hope you rot, you ass hole.

    • J-actors/actresses are dropping like flies even if we are only halfway into 2017. I’m afraid there are more who are also past their breaking points.

    • Midori

      They reportedly had unprotected sex multiple times, even when she said she did not want to continue because it was painful.

      They didn’t have sex then, but he RAPED HER! He should be in jail, but I know that won’t happen. ~.~

    • Nikki ok

      honestly, these types of losers know that they can’t get an adult woman to like them so they have to go for children to make up for it
      still, considering he’s an actor and average looking he should actually be able to get adult women interested in him but I guess he’s just a pedo

    • MomoHirai

      When he called women in their 20’s old, I knew he was into some of that child/loli stuff. Disgusting. Going to take like a 2 year break and come back. The tabooness of it all probably got him going.

    • ae_abercrombie

      I’m confused, why isn’t he in jail? Do they need “proof” that she was raped when it came out of her own mouth? Japan really needs to crack down on this crap. It’s going too far.

      • kamben is here

        It’s not just Japan.

        Generally speaking, there HAVE BEEN cases where women lied about being raped (this is pretty common in my country at least), so of course proofs are needed. I don’t live in Japan and here in my country EVERYTHING must be proven, not just a rape case.
        Why? You don’t want to put innocent people in jail.

        In this case, truth will come out eventually. Just wait and see.

        • N

          Common? Really?

        • Bubi.

          If I may ask, where are you from?

        • Sensei

          You’re probably one of the smartest people on this board that doesn’t jump on the SJW bandwagon. I’m sure most people on here are Westerners that don’t have a clue about the dirty underlying issues in Japan that no one wants to talk about openly.

          From the follow up article, she wasn’t in school, and has a kid. CLEARLY she knows what she’s doing regardless of her age. This is such a common problem in Japan where young girls are desperate for money, and they know they can play some celeb for a fool and extort them for cash. I’m glad Koide didn’t pay the ransom. Now that stupid girl will get nothing, and no one will trust her. As I mentioned in my previous post, celebs need to start asking for ID from these girls before they start sleeping with them. Otherwise, you end up in a situation where it can cost you your job.

        • True*Star

          But he is old enough to know better. So I put most of the blame on him. She is only 17 and is allowes to make mistakes.

    • goingtojpn

      oh gawd, I loved this actor, I always found him so cute… this teaches you that man with a cute face is the most dangerous. What an a**hole! Too bad since he was a good actor.

      • kamben is here

        Yeah to think that he is actually one of the talented ones. Ugh.

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      Y’all think some of the comments here are bad? Go to Minus Kakugo and read the translated J-Netizen comments. They are nauseating! I am sorry but he should face some jail time. Especially because the it was non-consensual.

    • Dalooshe

      Japan entertainment logic: male celebrity apologized, can go back to work in few years after the extended holiday.

    • kamben is here

      To think that you’re one of my fav actors. -.-“

    • MoocowPoorchick

      It’s funny how he said he would take responsibility and accept any punishment, but then just threw money at the problem and ran away.