Kitagawa Keiko and DAIGO Are Married

Today, Kitagawa Keiko and DAIGO announced that they have been married. The couple’s intentions to marry were reported on last fall. On her official site, Keiko released a statement reading, “There is a personal matter that I would like to tell everyone. I, Kitagawa Keiko, married DAIGO, today, January 11.”

DAIGO also announced the marriage on his blog. DAIGO wrote that he wanted everyone to hear the news of his and Keiko’s marriage from their own mouths, and that he is very pleased about the marriage. He continued by saying that he wants to build a happy, solid home with her that will bring them much joy in the future. DAIGO and Keiko will support each other in their careers, and DAIGO promises to do his best in the future.

We here at Arama! Japan wish Kitagawa Keiko and DAIGO the best on this joyous occasion!


The header image has been updated with a photo of the newlyweds at their marriage press conference, which can be seen below.


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    • miss_lonliah

      The Perfect Couple!

    • Charlie


    • sanchan

      Wha- whaat??!?!
      Omgod yessss!

    • queen

      Congratulations Keiko and Daigo!!! :)

      Meanwhile the forever trending rumored countless engagements and marriages couple.. >>>

    • Wutwutwutwut

      At least the guy didn’t keep his marriage a secret unlike this other guy lol

    • Taima-kun

      best wishes to the newlywed couple!

    • Riena

      Ara… another beautiful couple.

    • Congrats to them both XD

    • Dayinta

      best wishes for both! <3

    • the groupie who

      wait what woahhhhh o_o congrats Keiko and Daigo :)

    • kashiyuka


    • (◕__◕✿)

      he’s not gay?

      • RiriRaRin

        With a sister like Eiki n Real Love PV i could see the confusion lool but apparently he’s not~

    • me

      congratz to both (^o^)/

    • Meanwhile, Keiko and Daigo officially get married! :)
      Congrats to them!!!

    • Dalooshe

      I’m really happy for those two :’))) Congratulations!!!

    • minmin10

      omg i really like her since buzzer beat,,, congratulation Daigo & Keiko!

    • Ryusei

      Awesome. Hope they last

    • light

      Congratulations!! They look like such a nice couple =)

    • 由希子
    • best wishes!!!

    • makjjang

      this is so beautiful nanana lalala… congratulations…… bless to you

    • silverxstar

      congrats.. one of my fave couple..

    • omi

      I like both of them so best wishes and congratulation for new life :)

    • FrozenLand

      Congratulations! Thanks for updating the header with the new photo! They look great together!

    • TYN123

      so happy for them.

    • Mayura

      Awesomeeeeeee!! Congratulations to both of them!!

    • Nif

      I was cheering for them from the very start. Congrats!!
      It seems like Daigo is really in love. And so is Keiko :-) I remember when he mentioned in Domoto Kyodai years ago that he visited his girlfriend in England as a surprise… He can do all the romantic stuff and I belive he means it. Ang Keiko would be mayby the “mature one” who will suport him. Congrats to both of them and be lucky!

    • saiko

      congratulations!! Keiko so pretty!

    • ChaiChai

      Awwwww so cute! Congrats ^^

    • Watching the video made me so happy. So glad for them! :)

    • taiyou

      How about Yamapi :P

    • eplizo

      Congratz to them!

    • They’re so cute! Congratulations to the happy couple!

    • Grooby

      DAIGO actually proposed to her after his marathon. <3

    • Nikki ok

      She’s pretty and he’s handsome, both of them seem like good people so I wish them the best in their married life

    • i’ve never heard of them. :p

      • anon

        Keiko’s an actress and DAIGO’s a talent. They’re on tv a lot.

        • anon

          ***DAIGO’s a talent and rock singer. I think.

    • Ivy Vo

      Kekkon omedetou ~~

    • Congratulations to the couple! Keiko looks really happy and Daigo seems like a really funny and romantic guy. They make a great match! Though deep down, I have always wanted Yamapi and Keiko to be back together in the future but that seems impossible as Yamapi is so focused on his career. He also doesn’t want to get married until he’s 40 and I don’t think Keiko would wait that long as she’s already 29.

      • nothingsover

        LOL really? I’ve always HATED the Yamapi x Keiko pairing. They’re fine when acting together but I don’t think their real personalities suit each other AT ALL. Yamapi is way too much a playboy. And Daigo and Keiko are both equally sweet and funny (and strange).

        • Really? Maybe it’s just my own personal opinion but I do think they seem pretty compatible with each other (personalities wise) and they were friends and classmates in university. Yamapi may like to go party a lot but I’m not sure if he’s a playboy. He is often photographed partying with his boys (Jin and Ryo) though he seems to have stopped hanging out with them lately after the cellphone incident they had. He hasn’t been caught going out with any girls in the recent years other than that foreigner girlfriend of his in 2011. But honestly I don’t think there is anything wrong with him going out with/meeting girls. Afterall he’s just a normal young guy who wants to have some fun drinking with friends and dating and having a normal relationship.

          I guess Daigo and Keiko looks like a great match too. They seem to be equally in love with each other from the video at the press conference. I found it sweet and cute how he said he will need 24 hours to talk about all the things he likes about Keiko and when he was talking about all the food she made him and how good it tasted, lol. He seems like such a sweet talker but it’s cute in a way. And the whole thing about wanting to have 3 kids and Keiko’s reaction in shock, lol. But Keiko seems really happy by the way she looks at him and all his praises for her. It’s just that they’ve only dated for a year and I’m not sure if that’s enough time for a couple to get to know each other and get married so soon. But I’m happy for Keiko if is she’s happy and I wish them both all the best! =)

    • Kokoro Ai

      They are really cute. I wish them the best.

    • YuzuFlip

      I still can’t believe they’re together. Isn’t he kind of, you know, a dimwit…

    • nothingsover

      Yayyy!! My favorite couple!! Congratulations to the two of them! Wishing them a happy and lovely marriage <3

    • Congratulations, Keiko and DAIGO! <3

    • Tahara Sakura

      Congrazt for both Keiko and Daigo..Keiko is no.1 my favourite japan actress..beautiful..honest..calm.and her acting really good..i’m watched drama Tantei vs Tantei..Keiko is really good in acting..i think Daigo is handsome..Seems like their face quite similar to each other..bless for them :)

    • yamakita

      They look like a great couple! All the best wishes! Horikita: You could’ve learned a thing or two from Ms. Keiko.

    • Angeline Carista

      Finally daigo…!!! Fine man got himself a wife! Congrats!

    • Mela

      Whoa beautiful couple. Go kekkon omedetou