Yuzuru Hanyu Tops Goo’s Male Celebrities with Fair Skin Ranking

Women want fair, beautiful skin, similar to that of Ayase Haruka. But not only women have skin like this. Goo recently asked 500 people in their 20s and 30s (250 men and 250 women) which male celebrities they thought had the fairest skin.

Yuzuru Hanyu topped the list with 11.9% of the vote. His fine, delicate skin is similar in nature to that of the ice he skates on. The shine of the pure ice gives Yuzuru’s skin an extra glow, attracting many female fans.

Wentz Eiji came in second with 10.6%. Born to a German-American father and a Japanese mother, he is known for his fine, glowing white skin. Between his skin and his clean cut facial features, he looks like a prince in a shoujo manga.

Kamiki Ryunosuke was third with 9.1%. He was once a child star, but is now a man. His white skin, along with his intelligent and mysterious nature, makes him attractive to women.

Check out the rest of the top 10 after the jump!

1. Yuzuru Hanyu: 11.9%


2. Wentz Eiji: 10.6%


3. Kamiki Ryunosuke: 9.1%


4. Nishikawa Takinori: 5.5%


5. Kanada Satoshi: 5%


6. Uchimura Teruyoshi: 4.7%


7. GACKT: 4.2%


8. Oikawa Mitsuhiro: 4.2%


9. Miura Haruma: 3.9%


10. Koike Teppei: 3.8%