Shukan Bunshun Reveals Details of Tetsuya Komuro’s Alleged Affair

Earlier today, Testuya Komuro announced his retirement in light of a weekly magazine reporting on him cheating on his wife KEIKO. It should come as no surprise that Shukan Bunshun is the source of this story.

In 2011, KEIKO was diagnosed with with a subarachnoid hemorrhage. During the time that his wife has been ill, Komuro has painted himself as a doting husband devoted to his wife’s care. Shukan Bunshun has revealed though that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

Komuro was seen staying at the home of a woman, who shall be called Ako-san, in mid-December. In early January, the couple had a secret rendezvous at a Tokyo luxury hotel, where they were spotted arm in arm. On January 13, Komuro took KEIKO to her parents’ home in Oita Prefecture. Later that day, he was seen with Ako-san at her home, where he again stayed overnight.

Ako-san is a single mother who resembles Kou Shibasaki. She met Komuro a few years ago when she was a nurse at a clinic. There, she gave him a “garlic injection”, which is mainly composed of the B1 vitamin. He continued getting these injections, but at his studio and her home as opposed to the clinic where she worked. From there, the relationship went from that of a patient and a nurse, to that of a man and a woman.

KEIKO’s mother is reportedly in shock about her son-in-law having a mistress.

When interviewed about this article, Komuro confessed his feelings for about 40 minutes. When the topic of the affair came up, he said it was a misunderstanding, which he apologizes for. He denied that he was in a relationship with Ako-san, but did say that they slept together.

Photos of Komuro and Ako-san:


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    • Hmmm

      I’m amazed people aren’t more happy about him retiring. Every other cheating scandal had people calling for those involved to stay out of the limelight or retire (Funky Kato, Becky are the more dramatic examples) but most people on twitter/GC/2ch are “sad” to see him retire and think he doesn’t have to retire.

      • Because most of those people are people who haven’t really contributed anything of note to Japanese pop culture. Can anyone name a song Funky Kato did off the top of their head? Becky was just a pretty face on TV. TK created full on classics of Japanese pop music that nobody disputes.

        • hasawa

          TK made a bunch of bops, that’s a fact. It’s about time people stop giving a pass to people just because they used to do good shit 20 years ago though.
          The J music industry ain’t going to collapse because of TK retirement. It’s not the 90s anymore.

          • I didn’t say it was going to collapse, but I can see why people are more bothered by his situation compared to Funky Kato and Becky, both of whom are nowhere near his level.

          • CyDo

            Firstly, welcome to Japan where u can have an affair and still sell it as a gag and gig. as long u are a man anyway.

            Secondly, welcome to Arama where one of the keyplayer once said that Gesu’s (who are as irreplaceable as anyone) guy career should not be affected just because he is ‘talented’. But Becky’s should because she is a pretty face.

            • maguro part deux

              Do we have to go over this again? There’s no “should” about it, it’s just a fact that a pretty face is more easily replaceable than a good singer/songwriter.

              By the way, Becky has been replaced.

              • camonegics

                They’re both replaceable. Songwriters have no brand power and literally no one cares about them once they’re gone. “Pretty faces” can be useful as long as they can sell shit to the audience.

            • I stand by what I said.

          • Ex. R. Kelly (I want him to just disappear.)

        • As much as I love what TK did in the ’90s (I even own all the classic globe and Kahala CDs and even a few TMN and TRF ones), the last time he did something really memorable was about 15 years ago. Well OK, maybe with the exception of Ayu’s

          Feel the Love. :D

    • hasawa

      Bitch ass has been escorting his hailing wife to her parents’ house only to let his side chick sneak into his house *smh* This is a whole new low in cheating scandals… even for Japan.

    • micin

      ‘He denied that he was in a relationship with Ako-san, but did say that they slept together’


      • Sensei

        It’s just sex. It doesn’t mean anything else to … well at least him.

      • No he didn’t. He denied any sexual desire or relationship with the woman.

        • ChaiChai

          What did they do then? He admitted that they slept together, do you really believe there wasn’t any sexual contact? He wouldn’t retire if they only had a pyjama party every now and then lol

          • I assume they just talked to each other for a long time. He said he was and still is too sick to have such function. He basically made it sound like he needed the nurse for his medical and mental support. He claims he invited her to his house only when he needed the medical care she provided. He was sick from Hepatitis C and one of his ears stopped functioning. He often felt sick even after the Hepatitis was gone. His doctor said it’s from stress. His wife no longer supports him emotionally due to her brain condition. If you believe in the scum who just stalked them to the door of his apartment and wrote the article more than what Komuro confessed in the press conference, I have nothing to say to you guys.

            • ChaiChai

              It’s not like I don’t want to believe him but… if he just needed someone to help him or spend time with (like a friend!) then why not straighten the rumors?
              People have been caught on camera doing more explicit things than him and still went for “we are just friends” to deny accusations. I mean, why retire and make yourself look more guilty than you are? His actions just doesn’t fit his words…

              • He did straighten the rumors with the press conference. He was going to retire anyway due to his health condition. But because of this 10 months earlier. Japanese take responsibility for just causing stirs and troubles to others. That’s what he is doing.

          • Zoe

            He did not admit to sleeping together. Yet another bad translation it seems.

    • ‘When interviewed about this article, Komuro confessed his feelings for about 40 minutes.’

      My goodness, 40 minutes??!!

    • maguro part deux

      Ah, didn’t Keiko’s family help bail his sorry ass out when he had that huge debt issue? What a weasel.

    • yamakita

      In other news, letter A wants its reputation back and not have it used to identify every nameless person in scandals. I’m thinking back the days of scandals I would read on AllKpop.

    • Totokoko


    • Bobson Dugnutt

      Good riddance

    • Buh-bye. Good riddance. Don’t really know ya anyway.

    • girlymatsu

      He is so gross, the wife thought he was being kind to her letting her rest up in her parents house without knowing that he fucked another women behind her back. Leave his ass. You deserved better than that

      • He didn’t have sex with her.

        • iGleaux

          It says in this article they slept together tho.

          • He said in the press conference he didn’t . He was too sick to have sexual desire or perform sex. He made it sound like he needed her for his mental support. She did stay there like 10 hours which is weird when she came to his house to give him intravenous therapy. But he said he called her only when he needed her for his health condition. He was sick from Hepatitis C and was exhausted from working and taking care of her wife who can’t support him any more because of her brain condition. Arama needs to post the translation of the conference too. People here don’t seem to be getting the full story. He also revealed that he was thinking about retiring but this scandal made him decide to do so 10 month earlier than he planned.

            • iGleaux

              So he feels the need to retire over receiving some vitamin B? Sure Jan.

              • He was going to retire anyway. He feels responsible for causing troubles to his family and the woman. He had the nurse stay at his home too long.

                • iGleaux

                  Such a dedicated fan.

                  • You go watch the video. If you don’t understand, don’t talk.

    • Still striving for relevancy..


    • … shameful

      I get that this man is a musical genius and a pioneer in Japanese pop, but this is unforgivable. Poor Keiko has been incapacitated and lost her physical freedom for all of these years, and this fucker thought it was a good idea to sleep and have an affair with another woman while she is still here??? What was he thinking?

    • camonegics

      This guy’s music is so overrated anyways. Hope his songs get blacklisted too so I don’t have to suffer through more endless covers of “ez do dance” on tv every goddamn year

      • Bobson Dugnutt

        I never saw the appeal of ez do dance