Hey! Say! JUMP’s Kei Inoo Spotted with 2 Female Announcers Visiting his Apartment

Shukan Bunshun recently reported two different female announcers visiting Hey! Say! JUMP‘s Kei Inoo (26) at his apartment.  Misato Ugaki (25) of TBS’s Asachan! and Mana Mikami (27) of Fuji TV’s Mezamashi Terebi were spotted outside of Inoo’s apartment building.  Both of the announcers work for morning news shows.  Inoo is also working as a regular of Mezamashi Terebi on Thursdays.


The companies of the parties involved have also released comments regarding the scandal.

“It is true that they have eaten meals together as co-stars.  However, there is no relationship.” (Fuji TV)

“We do not answer regarding the private lives of our employees.” (TBS)

“Due to the irrational behavior that led to such speculation, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience or worry caused.” (Johnny’s Jimusho)

On November 11, 2016 Inoo was also spotted with AV actress Kirara Asuka (27) poolside in Singapore.

Inoo has been getting caught relatively frequently in these “scandals”.  As Hey! Say! JUMP and Inoo himself have been experiencing tremendous boosts in popularity lately, how do you think news like this will affect the idol and his group?  Or maybe this is just some ploy to bring attention to Hey! Say! JUMP and their new release Give Me Love.  The previous scandal was also published the same amount of time before the release of Fantastic Time as the publish date of this scandal and the release of Give Me Love.

Coincidence? Conspiracy Theory?

(via Shukan Bunshun)

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    • MINO-SSI


    • Satowwwshi

      Lmao let the man live and let him enjoy hanging out with friends/co-workers. Idk why these sightings are even considered scandals tbh :-/

      • mikamika

        Because the life of the people considering it a scandal is incredibly boring and a man meeting with a woman he is not married to is already seen as extremely exciting? lol

    • Thomas

      These “look who visited celebrity xyz at night” photographs are freaking scary. How do these stalker “journalists” even know where they live… And do they like camp in front of a celeb’s house waiting for people to ring the doorbell or what

      • aqua88

        TBH, celebrity house addresses are common knowledge.
        Example: just by google I can find some kpop groups apartment addresses and guides to get there.

        Another example is how every Penangite in Malaysia can tell you exactly which apartment a famous HK star’s family lives in.

        • yam

          Who? Andy Lau?

          • aqua88

            Yeap. lol

            • yam

              I wish to see him do the Malaysian thang and hang out at Mamak, eating roti canai and drinking teh tarik. Hope at least his wife tapau some nasi lemak for him.

      • Dashiya

        Yes, they really camp in front of their house area Lol

      • Reileen

        I probably should watch Fukuyama’s paparazzi movie to learn something lol

        The funniest thing when it comes to these ‘sightings’ are the celeb apartment buildings. Aren’t there supposed to be other people/celebs living in it, how sure are we…

      • Hey! Say! JUMP Lover

        Well i remember ryosuke had fans who camp outside his house or something. Those are scary as hell

    • aqua88

      Lol!! I laughed at JE’s statement though. Funny how its categorized as irrational behaviour.

      • Himi Tsu

        Me too XD

    • uedawaifu

      lol at his ‘scandals’ let Inoo-chan enjoy his personal life.

    • Ryusei

      It won’t affect them at all lol
      That aside idk why they would wanna sleep with him tbh… if it was yuto i would believe it

      • .

        >idk why they would wanna sleep with him tbh.
        because he’s cute? why is inoo a fugly monster all of a sudden…

        • Ryusei

          I didnt say anything about fugly monster lol i think he’s cute too but he doesnt look like a dude that sleeps around especially with multiple girls

    • Himi Tsu

      This “scandal” mainly makes me laugh XD And I’m sure (at least hope) it won’t hurt the group because it’s clearly not a huge and real scandal XD

      About trying to push their new single, I don’t know but I don’t think a scandal will make you buy a single… ?

      • Himi Tsu

        Oh, and it would be funny if we learn that another celebrity is living in this building XD

    • monica_monami

      Irrational behaviour? Of letting the girls to come & visit him? If he is in many scandals, means he & Jump are relevant enough for reporters to bother abt them. Any publicity is a publicity. Good for Jump? Or is it bad?

    • Risa

      *lol* I could never be an idol. Because if that (or having male/female friends) is a scandal I would be in one like every day ^^

    • inoobae

      Man, among hsj members, Inoo is the least predictable of the lot so he can do the strangest of things and most bizarre of scandals and would still look innocent. He seems to be not into the kira kira of the entertainment buzz.

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      Scandal😂 Inoo-chan is too cute to be in a real scandal.😂

    • Niña

      Because people can’t hang out without everyone assuming they’re dating or sleeping together. Of course. Lol. And even if they are, they’re human. Inoo (and anyone else for that matter) has a right to a personal life.

      But I do agree that this is just to generate buzz for their upcoming release. Not to mention a rumor that they were going to release a Best Of album was also circulating around the same time this so-called scandal was first mentioned. HSJ has been following quite the formula this year. Scandal is announced, project announcement/promo/release immediately after.

      • Sio

        Inoo is working hard to get us in the kohaku then!!! We need more scandals

    • Hm… if ever Inoo is actually dating someone he likes, then I would like to support him. I want my idols to live like an ordinary people, by means of dating someone they like without their crazy fans and paparazzi watching them.

    • xameix

      I had to google and see who he is and… I’m not impress

    • goingtojpn

      BWAHAHAHAHA… lame “scandals”

    • Sio

      Rise Inoo, Rise! and date ALL the Tv announcers males and females !!! wahahahaha

    • Mugi-chan

      lol Inoochan, are you going to be the next Tegoshi? XD but putting the jokes aside, I don’t think they have that kind relationship cuz it’s Inoo we’re talking about here..I think it’s only work-related

      • .

        no he’s not, he doesn’t sleep around with every little thing. just because he had that one scandal with that av actress it means he’s the equivalent of a manwhore?

        • Mugi-chan

          cmon it’s just a joke -.-

        • kashiyuka


    • What

      Tbh i dont really get his appeal

      • yamakita

        He would be nothing if it weren’t for HSJ.

        • @

          most johnnys or idols in general would be nothing without their groups

    • eplizo

      Their “scandals” are so perfectly timed lol.

    • yamakita

      I like the other scandal with Nakajima better.

      • .

        you like it that a drunken man molested a woman on the street?

        • yamakita

          No, I’ve not heard of that one. Do tell!

    • Pirado

      So did they give him love?

    • Hey! Say! JUMP Lover

      Hey, if you are saying Inoo-chan is involved in scandals, may I ask why you take photos outside the apartment block? You stalker “Journalists” love to make up stories, huh. This is some scandals that I will never believe in. If they happen to live at the same block, I would laugh at how hard you tried to make this scandal real. Stop obstructing celebrities’ lives okay? I know Inoo-chan is beautiful and perfect, doesn’t mean you have to make up some stories to blast on his reputation. Stop wasting your life making up stories and live before you regret everything.
      think as a celebrity before you make a scandal, will you even like it if your life is obstructed by some scandals? Will you like it if someone invades your privacy?

      • Michie

        Hey, don’t hate the messenger. I basically just translated what Shunkan Bunshun posted regarding this topic. I, myself, love Hey! Say! JUMP to death!! I didn’t make any assumptions about Inoo’s relationship with the women. I even stated how this is probably just some publicity stunt for their new single and I put scandal in quotes because I don’t even think of this as a scandal either. As fellow HSJ fans, we must stick together!!

    • trebletones

      Wow @ the “celebratory” atmosphere here at the comments’ section. Very different from what’s happening on Japanese Twitter.

      “He’s cute to be involved in a scandal!”
      “He’s not capable of such thing!”
      “Yay Inoo for sleeping around!”

      Sure, protect Inoo Kei all you want. The real issue here is that these two women’s career as announcers are now at stake, especially Mana Mikami, Inoo’s co-worker in Mezamashi TV.

      Inoo, of course, will get away unscathed because his fans will continue to be faithful to him and to JUMP. *sighs*

      • yam

        So its Inoo’s and his fans fault these women career’s at stake? Imo all 3 are pretty innocent. The culprit is Johnny Jimusho (look at their over-reaction and the tabloids who scandalized this for PR purposes.

    • Let them do what they want, they are people and thats why we have free will duuuhhh…