Defendant in stabbing idol Mayu Tomita over 20 times pleads guilty

The stalker charged with stabbing idol Mayu Tomita over 20 times pleaded guilty to attempted murder during his trial that started this week.

The court heard a statement by Tomita (21), who was rendered unconscious in critical condition for two weeks after Tomohiro Iwazaki (27) stabbed her over 20 times during a fan greeting last May. Iwazaki was seen smiling as Tomita’s statement was read out.

He kept shouting ‘die, die’ over and over,” Tomita said.

Iwazaki admitted to charges of attempted murder after the court questioned him about stabbing Tomita’s neck, arms, chest and back multiple times at the venue in Koganei City of western Tokyo on May 21.

Tomita told the court in her statement that Iwazaki “persistently tried to talk to [her], so [she] threatened to call the police when [she] felt a blow in the right side of [her] stomach and saw [she] was being stabbed by a knife.

The singer had earlier filed a complaint with Tokyo Metropolitan Police saying that a man named Iwazaki had been “persistently” sending her messages over social media.

I hope [Iwazaki] rots in jail for the rest of his life,” Tomita said. “I can’t help but be afraid for my life. Who knows if he’ll hold a grudge at me and kill me for real next time.

In a letter in December 2016, Tomita dragged Tokyo Metropolitan Police force for incompetence and failing to recognize she was in danger despite insisting she feared for her life when Iwazaki was stalking her. His Twitter account displayed constant rants concerning Tomita for four months before attacking her, making statements like, “I liked Tomita. I wanted to marry her.

When police were questioning me about the details, the first thing they ask was ‘Do you really think he might have murdered you?’” Tomita said in her letter. “I specifically told them the words ‘I might be murdered.’ I’m done being angry about it, and now it’s just upsetting.

Police apologized to the idol and released the results of the investigation into the handling of her case, admitting the officers “should have realized they needed to take better security measures for her safety as soon as possible.

(via News24)

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    • Bubi.

      “He kept shouting ‘die, die’ over and over”
      “Iwazaki was seen smiling as Tomita’s statement was read out.”

      he better ROT

    • Taima-kun

      glad to know Tomita was given the justice she rightfully deserved
      now let her case be a grave lesson for those incompetent police to do their jobs right next time
      as for Iwazaki, bye scumbag

    • sarah

      He should be stabbed 40x it’s fare justice. If he dies.. well .. oopsie daisy .

      Damn 20 times and still alive .. badass Tomita your a badass. Fuck that fuck you survived and laugh at him as he rots in jail or someone stabs him 40x .

    • hima

      “When police were questioning me about the details, the first thing they ask was ‘Do you really think he might have murdered you?’” Tomita said in her letter.

      sigh. i honestly am so done.

    • What

      What a disgusting man and useless police

    • Guest

      Great, at least for now, the police will be less incompetent, till they eventually let their guards down (human nature), and history repeats again.

    • Bloodforge

      Now watch the guy only get 3-5 years.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      holy geez, 20 times and still alive.. man, I can’t imagine the pain. poor girl..

    • Wow. I’m just….wow. Give this girl justice.

    • shirogane

      Good on this girl to not putting up with the police’s incompetency. Apparently she couldn’t even talk properly during the statement because of the wound on her face.

    • J

      Comparing this with the recent case where a man who threatened to kill mizuki nana was caught, i can’t help but to feel that the popularity of a celebrity played a part in how the police treated the case.

    • Liokt

      Baby, the police was just male chauvinist. They’re guilty too.