Actor Yuta Takahata arrested in rape crime

Actor Yuta Takahata (22) was arrested on the 23rd of August in Maebashi, Gunma after allegations were made that he raped a hotel employee earlier that day. Later on, Takahata admitted to the crime, stating “I saw the woman and couldn’t contain my desire.”

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According to reports, Takahata called the front desk of the hotel late on the evening of the 22nd to ask for a toothbrush to be brought to his hotel room. The victim, a woman in her 40s, arrived to the room and was forcibly pulled inside by Takahata. She suffered injuries such as bruising on her feet after having her arms and legs held down by the actor. It was reported that he was seen drinking with staff at a restaurant in the city earlier that evening.

Takahata has been very active on various TV programs recently, including appearances on Guru Guru Ninenty Nine and a role in the drama Aogeba Toutoshi. He was also scheduled to appear in the upcoming 24HOUR TV special drama on the 28th, but due to the recent event has been replaced by Keiichiro Koyama of NEWS. The real estate business ABLE has also deleted their commercial with the actor, which had been previously featured on their home page.

His mother, actress and TV personality Atsuko Takahata (61), had a press conference on the 26th to formally apologize for her son’s actions. She stated that she is still in shock of what is happening, and said through tears that she “can’t find the words to apologize. When I think of what happened, it’s just so awful I can’t even imagine it. I can’t even imagine what I should do either.” Her agency informed that she will give more information once details are available.

Since the event, Takahata’s official blog has been deleted and both his Twitter and Instagram have been set to private.

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    • A

      God, how frightening. Hope the victim is ok.

      And his poor mother.

      • Kepo

        Dorama World did a great piece on his mother (Takahata Atsuko) presscon:

        That Fuji reporter should be demoted for asking unnecessary questions. Also i heard an idiot reporter asked her why she didn’t pack his toothbrush or something.

        • light

          I couldn’t believe they seriously asked those questions, like wtf!

          • Kepo

            Wrong people hired for the job. Good that the public is pretty loud condemning those idiots.

    • byebicycle

      absolutely fucking disgusting. like, i can’t even say anything else. just… ugh. fuck off. i really hope the victim is okay. no one should ever have to go through that. and i hope takahata atsuko will be okay, too. it must be difficult having to come to terms with the fact that your son is a rapist, especially when you’re a public figure.

    • yacchaitai

      I hope this ruins his life

      • Kepo

        Thankfully it is. Unfortunately its dragging his innocent mother along. Adding more to her stress, he told her he wanted to commit suicide out of guilt.

    • I was waiting for Arama to post this story!!!! I wanna see ya’ll destroy him.
      He disgust me. Can’t believe I even enjoyed anything he was apart of.
      And his mom, having to deal with this too. Ugh.
      Hope the woman he assaulted gets money.

    • sarah

      The way he admits it is so disgusting and fucking creepy.
      Fuck you and your career . Let the pointy glass door hit you were the good lord split ya.

      From now on I will refer to him as THE RAPIST YUTA TAKAHATA. In anything he tries to get in that’s his name. I hope he goes down hill swiftly and hit the ground knocking his brain so maybe it can gather some sense on how disgustingly fucktard he is.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Bruising on her feet? The fuck. This is so fucking disgusting, as rape always is. How can you force yourself into someone who is probably like, screaming and crying? Don’t even see them as a person anymore? Like what kind of f’d up mentality. I feel so bad for his mother too.

    • paperplane

      Poor his mom…She got dragged along with the whole mess.
      Have strength Atsuko-san!

    • Midori

      What a piece of shit! I hope, his dick falls off! >:(

      I wish the victim a lot of strength and hope, that she has people around who help her through this!

    • Liokt

      He must stay in jail for a long, long time.

    • tiffany nicole

      “I saw the woman and couldn’t contain my desire.” Well I don’t think I can contain my desire to slash this fucking dudes face in.

    • eplizo

      WOW. A MESS.

    • Taima-kun

      he just destroyed his career, goodbye prick since he’ll likely end up in prison
      hang in there Atsuko-san! and may the victim be provided with all the necessary support to overcome the physical and emotional trauma

    • Mor

      This guy is the worst. Not only he destroyed his own career, he also affected the staffs he worked with and worse, affected his mother and even made her lost her job.
      What I really can’t accept is Atsuko-san’s press conference. Poor her. She doesn’t deserve the bash and flames that directed to her. Her son is already 22, he is already an adult, he should be aware of his own crime. I feel sad for her talking like it’s all her fault.. Japanese press is so scary.
      I hope he gets a long sentence and never again appear on TV. I really feel sorry for Atsuko-san and of course his victim.

    • Nick
    • Sunny

      its late news ARAMA!

    • Dere

      OMFG He was recently on a bunch of different variety shows that I follow. What a monster!

    • animalfries0

      his mom shouldn’t have to be dragged into this mess, much less appologize she didn’t do anything wrong.

    • Poor mother, she shouldn’t have to apologize for her son’s actions. I know, “That’s how things are done in Japan.” Still I think it’s wrong.

    • Guest

      What a stupid excuse of a man! He literally admits he couldn’t keep it in him, absolutely vile! I don’t know who he is really, but I do hope he gets blacklisted and put in jail, cause he deserves it. I feel sorry for the victim, and I hope she recovers from the trauma she’s received from someone so pathetic.

    • michi

      Already read this somewhere before but every time I read an article about this disgusting crime I still can’t help but cringe. What a sorry excuse for a human being! I saw some of his TV guesting when I was following Mare and judging by his actions and the things he said on air, he does seem to be the sexual offender type. I hope he rots in jail and can never make a come back ever! He deserves all the misfortune that will befall him.

    • silverxstar

      omg.. so horrible what the hell wrong with him!!
      I thought he was a decent guy from Mare but turned out he’s such a disgusting mess..
      I feel bad for Atsuko san.. she is such a sweetheart :(

    • light

      Ugh this disgusting piece of shit…..I hope the poor woman will receive all the help and support she needs…
      I also feel bad for Atsuko-san, at least the media (apart from some) and people in general actually seem to be supportive and aren’t trying to drag her in his mess, still it will be hard.

    • mikamika

      This is so disgusting!

      He guested on Arashi’s programs more than once and I always found him funny and friendly, so to read what he is capable of doing… simply disgusting! I do hope the poor woman will be okay and he gets sentenced to what extent Japanese law can go!

      I also feel sorry for his mother. It must be hard to know your son raped a woman, but to have the whole country know about it and judge you for it as well (since she’s the mother and aren’t mothers always at fault? /sarcasm) and then having to apologize…

      But at least he admitted to the crime and didn’t start the whole bullshit like “it was consensual” like so many other guys do.

      • Kepo

        There’s a gif of him licking his lips at Matsujun after throwing himself at him.

        Good that he admitted to the crime but now he threatens to kill himself. He better not commit suicide so he can bear the shame.

        • mikamika

          I know which scene you’re talking about, it happened during a VsArashi game. Although to me it’s more a “damn! didn’t get him!” gesture than a leecherous one…

          Yeah, he better stay alive and take the responsibility and live with what he has done. No idea how strict Japanese law is regarding rape, but the public will never forget or forgive.

          • Kepo

            To me his lips licking looked like Silence of the Lambs (hanibal lector) delicious liver scene.

            “In Japan, rape is punishable with a prison sentence of between three years and below 20 years. If the charge is rape leading to assault or death, the prison sentence can range from more than 5 years to life imprisonment. When a prison sentence is longer than 3 years, there will be no suspended sentence. Assuming that the case goes to court, it will be decided by a jury. For a rape case, the indictment is dependent on the victim filing a complaint but for a rape leading to assault or death case, the investigation and trial continues even if the victim decides to drop the case.”

            • mikamika

              Thanks for the info!
              So let’s hope that this either gets treated as assault or that the victim pressed charges. I wish though that in Japan (and everwhere else) rape would be prosecuted regardless.

    • Kepo

      I hope there’s a compilation of celebrities reactions to this case.

      Credits to graphicabyss@tumblr:
      On today’s Bibitto 2016.08.26 Shige was asked about the situation with the drama and having to refilm the scenes on such short notice. Shige said they were doing their best to refilm their scenes even though Koyama didn’t have time to prepare for his role properly and felt very pressured. Taichi then asked Shige how he found out about Takahata’s case. He said he learned it from Koyama who learned it since he’s a news caster. He then said this:
      “When it happened, rather than ‘what will become of my drama?’ I couldn’t believe it, could not comprehend it. I think many people in the industry including me were shaken by the news but of course the feelings of the female victim are the most important. TV Shows, drama or live broadcasts can be canceled or altered but her life wounds can’t be fixed. I want (him?) to reflect upon that. I also had a lot of opportunities to work with his mother, I can’t even begin to imagine her anxiety. There’s a lot to think about.”
      He could just say it was regrettable, use a few cliches and play it safe but he didn’t and that’s what makes him so amazing. Because when things like that happen, it’s not good to fix it and pretend they didn’t, you have to talk about it.

      • mikamika

        Shige just raised in my favour.

        • Kepo

          He also supported a political youth group that is against Abe’s warmongering policies. And he’s LGBTQ friendly.
          Shige for PM>>>>>>Sho for PM

          • mikamika

            Shige can be Sho’s vice-pm?

    • Mayura

      This fucked up retard obviously can’t tell the difference between reality and porn.

    • lwavesurfer

      What a vile man. Hope his career is non-existent from here on.

    • mie

      Oedipus complex?

    • mie

      Oedipus Complex?