Yuya Tegoshi releases tell-all book revealing his exes, Kazunari Ninomiya’s marriage, SixTONES, & more

Tegoshi said that while Yamapi always worked hard, he was easily the better performer compared to Yamapi. Tegoshi further went on to claim that the two never really cared about NEWS, and would rather be doing other activities than going on tour with them. He preferred that they would just leave the group instead of being an inconvenience to fans, staff, and the other members by constantly making them wait.

Despite the shadiness, by the end of the chapter Tegoshi tone towards Yamapi and Nishikido changed saying that he loves them both and wishes them all the success in the world.

When talking about SMAP, he said Takuya Kimura and Masahiro Nakai were the two superstars. He said that had he been any of the other 3 members in the group he would never dream of leaving Johnny’s, but if he was Nakai or Kimura he would have left Johnny’s ASAP. This is clearly a jab, as both Kimura and Nakai stayed with Johnny’s after SMAP disbanded while Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Katori Shingo, and Inagaki Goro left.

When bringing up his juniors Tegoshi was also very blunt in his statements. He stated that if SixTONES had debuted 5 years earlier they would be huge superstars, but he still has faith in the group. When talking about King & Prince member Genki Iwahashi and SEXY ZONE member Sou Matsushima, he claimed that their panic disorder was caused because they weren’t positive enough. He further on to claim that if they were more passionate about their fans perhaps that could have been avoided. Ouch!

The book also contains a variety of Tegoshi’s ideas for how he would manage and run Johnny’s, including combining NEWS and KAT-TUN to make a new 6 member group. Once fans are fully finished reading the book who knows what other tidbits will be revealed!

How do you feel about Tegoshi releasing this book?

(via MDR, @valenstrange on Twitter)

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