Yusuke Yamamoto apologizes for having a one-night stand

News has gotten out from a tabloid magazine that actor Yusuke Yamamoto (26) had a ‘one-night stand with a beautiful woman’. Yamamoto addressed the issue in his blog, “Due to my thoughtless actions, I have offended the people around me who have always supported me and I deeply regret this.

In his blog entry titled ‘To my supportive fans’, Yamamoto continues to explain the situation. “This has not caused me to cut corners in regards to my job as an actor. I can definitely promise everyone that from the bottom of my heart. However, since this was my private life I took advantage of it and I realize how silly that was now. I regret that this is the kind of person I have been made out to be.

He continues, “As an actor, all I can do now is look forward and I believe that my work will move people and make them smile. I will focus on my work from here on out.” He apologized again, “I am truly sorry for causing you all to worry.

(via: Oricon)


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