YUMMY MART Releasing Cute Pokemon Themed Collection!

YUMMY MART, the sister brand of popular lingerie retailer PEACH JOHN, has collaborated with Nintendo/GAME FREAK for a limited edition line to help celebrate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. Popular models like Tomoco Nozaki, Monica Sahara, and Risa Nakamura were brought in to promote the new line.

The items available include a Pikachu eye mask, panties, pajamas, a poncho, and a laundry basket. Unfortunately the Pikachu nuigurumi bra and panty set is not for sale, but if there’s enough demand…perhaps that will change?!

The collection will be available at select PARCO shopping center locations on April 20th. Additional pictures, as well as prices of the collection can be seen below!



pcgif (1)


(via PeachJohn)