Yumi Adachi becomes the oldest “CanCam” covergirl at 38-years-old

Actress and former singer Yumi Adachi will be making history with her upcoming cover for the popular fashion magazine CanCam, at 38-years-old she is the oldest cover girl in the magazines almost 40 year history!

Yumi is renowned for her baby faced looks, her CanCam issue will focus on helping alter the side effects of father time. Yumi herself will be giving the readers both makeup and skin care advice, but it isn’t just outer beauty! Yumi will also be sharing her thoughts and giving tips on “inner care” as-well.

The mother of two admitted that getting into the world of skincare can be a bit daunting. Yumi revealed that it wasn’t that long ago when she only started to get more serious and have a “proper” routine. For the longest time she just simply didn’t have an interest, but slowly her awareness on the topic changed, and realized how beneficial it can be.

In terms of body care, Yumi’s favorite advice is to try and remain calm in your every day life. As stress can have a huge effect on your body both internally and externally, Yumi advises to always try to be in-tune with your feelings and mental state. While the entertainment industry can be quite stressful, Yumi is used to it as she began her career as a child-model at the age of 2!

Yumi’s issue of CanCam will be released on April 23rd, 2020.

(via ptimes)