Woman Trapped In An Elevator For One Month

The dead body of a woman trapped in an elevator for a month has been found in the city of Xi’an, China. It is said that the power was shut off without checking to see if anyone was still inside. The elevator was having trouble operating between the 10th and 11th floors of the building. The team of workers came on January 30th to fix the elevator, but only used verbal confirmation to see if anyone was still inside. The workers went on vacation for the lunar New Year and did not return until March 1st. Inside was the deceased 43 year old woman who lived in the building alone. Rules and standards are often ignored in China. Just last July, a woman died when the floor of an escalator collapsed where she was rolled and crushed inside.

See what Japanese netizens had to say about the incident below.


2016/03/07(月) 19:49:36.72
Why was such a thing allowed to happen? lolololololol
2016/03/07(月) 19:49:43.64
What the, that’s scary.
2016/03/07(月) 19:53:11.75
This is extremely terrible.
2016/03/07(月) 20:02:52.35
That video of the mom falling through the escalator was scary wasn’t it?
2016/03/07(月) 20:07:34.96
With the power out, it’s next to impossible to escape on your own, I feel so bad.
2016/03/07(月) 20:07:40.86
It would have been good if she broke through the elevator ceiling and escaped.
2016/03/07(月) 20:15:53.22

>>12 This.

If you watch a lot of Hollywood movies, this is probably the first thing to think of.

2016/03/07(月) 20:31:11.84
It must be hell to be trapped until you die.
2016/03/07(月) 21:47:33.32
If you go to China, Neeeeeeeever ride an elevator.