Does Sandaime J Soul Brother’s Ryuji Imaichi Frequent Gay Bars?

Information is leaking that Imaichi likes to frequent gay bars in Tokyo’s gay district. According to a person in 2-chome, Imachi comes almost every week. To their amazement, he goes to a questionable bar above their store. Could Imachi be into men? Does his gorilla-like appearance make him popular among gay men?

When people go to investigate and catch Imaichi in the act, they are refused entry into the bar. It seems Imaichi is treated as a VIP guest.

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匿名 2015/12/16(水) 10:59:03
In a group of that many men, at least one or two of them could be gay.
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匿名 2015/12/16(水) 11:01:44
Seriously? TAKAHIRO was also seen in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho. Gay bar (゚д゚lll)
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匿名 2015/12/16(水) 11:02:27
This seems pretty common. I’m not surprised at all. lol
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匿名 2015/12/16(水) 11:02:51
Sho Sakurai also had these rumors of going to gay bars, Shingo Katori also had rumors of gay health specialist coming and going…
I wonder if these are all true.
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匿名 2015/12/16(水) 11:03:00
You can tell from his face.
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匿名 匿名 2015/12/16(水) 11:11:23
Because his brother did gay AV, this isn’t that strange.
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匿名 2015/12/16(水) 11:02:27
Sandaime Gay Soul Brothers.


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