Winners and Nominees for the 58th Japan Record Awards Announced

Today TBS (the Tokyo Broadcasting System) has published both this year’s set of winners for the Japan Record Awards as well as the nominees for the Song of the Year and Best New Artist categories.  The Japan Record Awards are a Japanese music awards show akin to what the Grammies are in the United States and it can be considered a great honor to be selected for any award on the list below.  It should be noted, however, that these honors have been somewhat tarnished by the allegations that the top award can be bought and paid for.

Of particular note among this year’s Song of the Year Nominations are AKB48’s “365 Nichi ni Kami Hikouki”, Kiyoshi Hikawa’s “Miren Kokoro”, Kana Nishino’s “Anata no Suki na Tokoro”, and Kenta Kiritani’s “Umi no Koe”.  Also worth mentioning is the recipient of this year’s Album of the Year award:  Hikaru Utada’s “Fantome”, her first full album release in over eight years.

The 58th Japan Record Awards will air on December 30th, which is when we’ll find out who this year’s Best New Artist will be, as well as which of the song nominations will receive the Grand Prix award.  Please read on below for a look at the full list of winners and nominees and a healthy congratulations to each and every one of them.

-’58th Japan Record Awards′ Winners/Nominees-

“Song of the Year” (Grand Prix) Nominations

  • Kana Nishino – Anata no Suki na Tokoro
  • Kenta Kiritani – Umi no Koe
  • Fuyumi Sakamoto – Onna wa Dakarete Ayu ni Naru
  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Sai & Ko
  • AKB48 – 365 Nichi no Kami Hikouki
  • AAA – Namida no Nai Sekai
  • Hikaru Utada – Hanataba wo Kimi ni
  • Mariya Nishiuchi – BELIEVE
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa – Miren Kokoro
  • Ikimonogakari – Last Scene

Best New Artist Nominations

  • iKON
  • Satoshi Hayashibe
  • Mizuki Hayama

Comments from Committee Chairperson Fumihiko Sasomori (Nikkan Sports Shimbun):  The Grand Prix is meant to be bestowed upon a work which is not only strongly supported by the populace, but also possessed of artistic excellence, originality, was well-planned, and is truly reflective of the year in which it wins.  It is an award that is supposed to encompass more than the popularity of an artist or a particular track and also consider how the song in question has reached people of different generations.  The Newcomer Award is designed to recognize an artist whom has both the support of the masses as well as promise for the future.  Though Enka artists often take longer than Pop artists to flourish, we consider them for this award with equal measure.

Album of the Year

  • Hikaru Utada – Fantome

Album Excellence Award

  • Gen Hoshino – YELLOW DANCER
  • Spitz – Samenai
  • back number – Chandelier
  • Taro Hakase – JOY OF LIFE

Comments from Committee Chairperson Issei Tomizawa (Music Critic):  The works selected for this honor are not able to simply be arranged in order from first to fifth place.  It is actually most analogous to the “Best Nine” awards given to those players whom are best in each specific position in Japanese baseball.  For example, we work to consider albums in such categories as “remarkable sales”, or an act (young or seasoned) demonstrating particular artistic skill, and pick the record which we believe stands strongest among its peers.  From this group of five superb albums (the best in their field), we – the judges – sit down and have a discussion to decide which of them best represents the year.

Japan Composer’s Association Award

  • Sanae Jounouchi
  • Yutaka Yamakawa

Best Vocalist Award

  • Suzuki Masayuki

Special Award

  • RADWIMPS (for their work on the film “Kimi no Na wa.”)
  • Shiro Sagisu, Akira Ifukube (for their work on the film “Shin Godzilla”)

Special Topic Award

  • Piko-Taro – PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)

Special Honor Award

  • Toru Funamura

Composition Award

  • Chiaki Oka (Mika Shinno – “Inochi no Koi”)

Verse (Lyrics) Award

  • Fumihiko Hara (Kaori Kozai – “Shuurenka”)

Arrangement Award


Planning Award

  • Various Artists – “Akaran-kun”
  • Yamazaki Ikusaburo – “1936 ~your songs~”
  • Ryuun Nagai – “Kaerimite”
  • Various Artists – “The Peanuts Tribute Songs”
  • BEGIN – “Sugar Cane Cable Network”
  • JUJU – “Snack JUJU ~Yoru no Request~” & “Roppongi Shinjuu / Love Is Over”
  • Mitsuko Nakamura – “Chohen Kayo Rokyoku Muho Matsu no Koi ~Matsugoro to Yoshioka Fujin~”
  • Izumi Yukimura with Hibari Misora & Chiemi Eri – “Too Young”
  • Ranka – “Tokyo Koibumi”
  • Miki Matsukawa – “Miki no Uta no Tabi…”

Achievement Award

  • Isao Saito
  • Daisuke Shiga
  • Kiyoko Suizenji
  • Masao Sen
  • Shunichi Makaino

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Yumi Ito (The Peanuts)
  • Rokusuke Ei
  • Tetsu Kisou (Dark Ducks)
  • Tooru Sasaki (Dark Ducks)
  • Isao Tomita

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