Utada Hikaru Regrets Debuting at the Age of 15

Utada Hikaru is back on the music scene after a 5 year hiatus. As part of her comeback, she has a special feature on Twitter where fans can ask her questions. On Friday, a fan asked the singer how she felt when she made her debut in 1998 at the age of 15. Utada was honest in her answer: regret.

“Sure I was happy that the product I worked so hard on was being accepted, but all of a sudden the freedom I had so taken for granted until that point was gone,” Utada said. “That frustrating feeling of ‘I can’t go back now’ was huge.”

She continued, saying, “I regretted making my debut at the time, but now I feel grateful for all the valuable experiences I got from that.”

Utada’s debut album, “First Love”, sold over 8 million copies in Japan, making it Japan’s best selling album of all time.