Utada Hikaru To Answer Your Questions on Twitter

Singer-songwriter Utada Hikaru has recently unveiled a new page aimed at answering fans questions. The page already has a few questions  and answers present, but fans are able to send Utada their own questions with the hashtag #ヒカルパイセンに聞け. The hashtag roughly translates to “Ask senior Hikaru” and is just another effort in Utada’s growing social media campaign to welcome her back into the music industry.

See what Utada had to say about her two new songs as well as the recent changes in her life and music below!

When asked what her favorite lyrics from each song were respectively, Utada answered “Sekaijyu ga arashi no hi mo Kimi no egao ga boku no taiyou datta yo” from “Hanataba wo kimi ni” which translates to “Even on days when the entire world was filled with rain, your smile  was my sun.” As for “Manatsu no Tooori Ame” her favorite lyrics are “Katenu sen ni ikikirashi anata ni mi wo kogashita hibi” roughly translating to “Out of breath in a battle I can’t win if I forget the days when I burned with love for you, I won’t be me.” She said she thinks both show her exerting her current self to the fullest in her lyric writing.

She even answered a question about how many people have noted a change in her voice and what she thought on the matter. She states reactions like her voice “became gentle” that there’s “warmth added” and that you can “feel motherhood” in her voice surprised her. She explained that while on hiatus, she studied her vocal technique, lived a healthier lifestyle, and changed her engineers.

Keeping inline with changes in her voice, she discussed changes in her sound which has began to use more acoustic music instruments. When asked if there was a reason why, she answered that she liked making songs comfortably by sitting in front of a computer alone while arranging and working on songs comfortably. However, recently, she feels that natural instruments allow for a natural amplitude and space to be born, and thinks adding “the sound of air” is the best. Ultimately with her new direction and all the changes she has made, she feels like she has completely become an adult.

Utada’s father was also active on twitter recently saying that her upcoming album is full of Utada’s color and that you don’t want to miss it. If there are any questions you are dying to ask Utada, be sure to tweet her with the hashtag #ヒカルパイセンに聞け!

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