Upcoming An-An To Feature Rino Sashihara

Who’s bringing sexy back in the next “An-An,” you ask? It’s Team H’s Rino Sashihara!

Sashihara Rino - AnAn

It was announced on August 5th that the ever-so lovely Sasshi of HKT48 will grace the pages of this week’s edition of “An-An.” She will be the second member under the AKB48 umbrella to be featured in the famous and wildly erotic magazine since Haruna Kojima was featured back in 2012.

This week’s issue of “An-An” is going back to its original motto, “Become prettier with sex,” when the magazine was first published in 1989. However, the new motto will have a slight “tweak” to it, and will convey the message that women will become beautiful if the sex they have pleases their bodies and souls.

Sashihara commented, “I was excited to learn who will be appearing in this year’s release!” During her photoshoot, she showed off her sweet and spoilt looks while captivating the photographers with provocative idol poses and her adulthood charm. Sasshi also added this was her first time wearing the sexiest, imported lingerie ever, and was wearing it quite confidently during her modeling session.

Meanwhile during the interview, she said, “Haha, to be honest, I used to really look up to women with big boobs. But nowadays I feel like women with pretty hair are the sexiest. Therefore, I believe women are sexy when they’re naturally beautiful – because when women exude their sexiness within, the more charming they become.”


Rino Sashihara’s edition of “An-An” will be released this Wednesday, August 10th.


via Oricon