Which Male Celebrities have a ‘Cool’ Body?

300 women from Shibuya were asked by TBS show ‘Rank Oukoku, who they think has a “cool body” (kakkoi) among male celebrities. The episode was broadcasted last July 26. Find out who they voted for.

Arama, who would you vote for?


Top 10 Male Celebrities with Cool Body
Rank Male Celebrity
10 Fukushi Sota
9 Mukai Osamu
8 Yamamoto Yusuke
7 Abe Hiroshi
6 Miura Shohei
5 Hidetoshi Nishijima  
3 Ito Hideaki  
2 Ikuta Toma  
1 Yamashita Tomohisa  


The moobs still win apparently, also largely thanks to his SUMMER NUDE drama. Ikuta takes second with his ‘an an’ photoshoot and generous scenes from his thriller movie ‘Nou Otoko’ a contributing factor.


Source: TBS, Jnews1, Jnewseng