Announcer Masu Taichi tops “Morning Face” Ranking 2017

These popular announcers are seen every morning on television, “A day can’t start without seeing this face”, Oricon has announced its survey results for “Morning Face” ranking 2017.  Whether it’s their smile, language, or friendliness, there are several reasons why these announcers are liked.

NTV ZIP!’s Masu Taichi topped the list for the second consecutive year. Do you know that Masu is a Tokyo University graduate and is geeky about clams? He introduces a variety of organisms every Wednesdays on his corner “Naruhodo Massu College”.

The duo of NHK’s Asaichi program, V6’s Inohara Yoshiko and Udo Yumiko ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively. At 4th place is Hatori Shinichi who gained popularity as NTV’s announcer and maintained so after becoming a freelancer in 2011. FUJI TV’s Mezamashi  TV program has 3 announcers on the list – Miyake Masaharu, Karube Shinichi and Nagashima Yumi.

1.  Masu Taichi


“He gives an image of a refresing morning ” (Aichi/teens/female)
“He has no sense of intimidation and stress” (Tokyo/30s/female)
“His language is polite and likeable” (Fukui/30s/male)

2. Inohara Yoshihiko


“He has such a friendly smile making me feel gentle in the morning.” (Mie /teen/female)
“His smile is lovely, I am healed from morning” (Kanagawa/20’s/female)
“He gives the impression of a friendly, fresh face in morning.” (Tokyo/20’s/male)

3. Udo Yumiko

yumiko udo

“I am always looking forward to her comments on asadora. I want to see it every morning.” (Kyoto/teens/female)
“There is a sense familiarity and watching her can give you peace of mind.” (Tokyo/30’s/female)
“She is capable, stable and a favorite” (Osaka/30s/male)

4. Hatori Shinichi


“He is easy to understand and not intrusive” (Kanagawa/20’s/female)
“He has good communication with commentators in the show” (Hyogo/50’s/female)

5. Miyake Masaharu


“He has an easy listening and lively voice, suitable for morning shows” (Kanagawa/20’s/female)
“I am healed by his smile” (Osaka/50s/female)

6. Natsume Miku


7. Takase Kozo


8. Wakuda Mayuko


9. Karube Shinichi


10. Nagashima Yumi


(via Oricon)