Tokyo Jihen, JO1, Hoshino Gen, and More Added to  “2021 FNS Kayousai Natsu” Lineup

On July 14, “2021 FNS Kayousai Natsu” will air, featuring performances by the likes of King & Prince, Yuuri, Awesome City Club, Snow Man, Official HIGE DANdism, milet, Yuzu, Nogizaka46, LiSA, and EXILE.

Two new sets of performers were recently announced. The second set includes the likes of JO1, Ikeda Elaiza, Kamishiraishi Mone, and Yakushimaru Hiroko. The third set includes, among others, Tokyo Jihen, Hoshino Gen, Tanaka Juri of SixTONES, and Creepy Nuts.

There are also more details on collaborations that will take place on “2021 FNS Kayousai Natsu.” Hiromi Go will collaborate with JO1 and Ryokuoushoku Shakai, performing his “2 Oku 4 Senman no Hitomi -Exotic Japan-” and “Ienai yo”, respectively. Tokunaga Hideaki and NEWS will perform his song “Kowarekake no Radio”, while Hideaki will perform his song “Yume wo Shinjite” with DA PUMP, as well as their song “if…” DISH//‘s Kitamura Takumi will join AI for her song “Story.” Ishizaki Huwie, a fan of Ozaki Yutaka, will perform his song “15 no Yoru” with his son, Ozaki Hiroya. EXILE NAOTO will join Kawasaki Takaya for his song “Mahou no Juutan.” DREAMS COME TRUE‘s “Nando Demo” will be covered by Koda Kumi and Daichi Miura. Creepy Nuts will be joined by Tanaka Juri of SixTONES for their song “Katsute Tensai Datta Oretachi e.”

See who else was added below!

Second Set

Ikeda Elaiza

Ishizaki Huwie

Ozaki Hiroya

Kamishiraishi Mone


Shimizu Miisha

Hashimoto Ai


Miyamoto Emiri

Mori Nana

Yakushimaru Hiroko

Third Set

Creepy Nuts

Soshina (Shimofuri Myojo)


Tanaka Juri (SixTONES)

Tokyo Jihen

First Summer Uika

Fujii Takahashi

Hoshino Gen

and more

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