The July 11th broadcast of Music Station… didn’t have an audience?

The July 11th episode of Music Station had its biggest line-up yet, but it also had another first for the long-running music show… no audience!

His co-host Ayaka Hironaka commented that Tamori seemed very different during the very beginning of the live broadcast. “Today is incredible~” he replied with a big grin on his face, to which Hironaka further elaborated, “Since we have 8 groups and a total of 63 guests as our performers for a regular broadcast [rather than a special extended broadcast], the guests are sitting in the seats where the audience would normally sit.”

Both announcers admitted that was a little lonely not speaking to an actual audience, but went on with as much pep as usual despite the big change. This is the first time Music Station has gone with this set-up for a normal broadcast, although the show sometimes does the same set-up for special 2 hour-long episodes that require seats for all the performers.

The July 11th episode of Music Station featured several large idol groups, including E-Girls, Kanjani8, and Nogizaka46, as well as two bands (Ikimonogakari and GLAY), two smaller groups (Perfume and Yoshida Yamada) and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as the day’s only solo performer.

Watch the episode here on ARAMA! JAPAN if you missed it!

Source: Oricon