Snow Man, MISIA, King Gnu, and More Perform on “Mousugu Ongaku no Hi” / “Ongaku no Hi 2022”

Today, “Ongaku no Hi 2022” and its pre-show “Mousugu Ongaku no Hi” aired.

“Mousugu Ongaku no Hi” featured performances by the likes of Hey! Say! JUMP, Daichi Miura, STU48, and Leo Ieiri.

“Ongaku no Hi 2022” featured performances by Snow Man, MISIA, King Gnu, INI, Official HIGE DANdism, Perfume, Aimyon, Yuuri, Hikawa Kiyoshi, and Tani Yuuki.

Check out both shows in full below!

Part 1 / Part 2

Unfortunately due to time constraints, the setlist won’t be translated. It can be found here though.