Music Station Ultra Fes Live Stream and Chat

On September 23, Music Station will have a special episode titled Music Station Ultra Fes. This special is in celebration of Music Station’s 30th anniversary. The show will start at noon and continue until 9:48 PM. It will feature performances, rankings, and archival footage. The setlist and timetable for this show were released earlier today.

We now have a link to a live stream of the show. We’ve also established a TinyChat room so that viewers can chat with each other during the show.

Watch the show here.

Chat about it here.

The show starts at 12 PM JST, and here is a timetable to help you figure out when it’s on in your time zone:

Auckland: 3 PM

Sydney: 1 PM

Hong Kong: 11 AM

Jakarta: 10 AM

Mumbai: 8:30 AM

Dubai: 7 AM

Moscow: 6 AM

Paris: 5 AM

London: 4 AM

Sao Paulo: 12 AM

New York City: 11 PM (September 22)

Mexico City: 10 PM (September 22)

Los Angeles: 8 PM (September 22)

Honolulu: 5 PM (September 22)

The show is about 10 hours long in total. Enjoy the show and come talk to us in our TinyChat room!