Kou Shibasaki’s New Single To Be A Collaboration with Shiina Ringo

On November 25, Kou Shibasaki will release her new single, “Yasei no Doumei.” The song will be written, composed, and arranged by Shiina Ringo. “Yasei no Doumei” will serve as the theme song for the new season of the TV Asahi drama “Kasouken no Onna”, which premieres on October 15.

Earlier this year, Ringo’s song “Shijou no Jinsei” served as the theme song for Kou’s Nippon TV drama “Marumaru Tsuma.” During that time, the two ladies expressed interest in collaborating. “Yasei no Doumei” is the result of that. After working with Ringo, Kou said that she looks forward to working with her many more times.